Saturday, April 21, 2018

How to Be Invisible: Protect Your Home, Your Children, Your Assets, and Your Life -

Review by Robert Speirs:
Modern man is surrounded by threats to his prosperity and even his existence. Even an honest, productive man can be caught up in the overwhelmingly intrusive system if he merely wants to keep his personal information private. Mr. Luna gives examples of how this can happen. I’m convinced.
But he goes further and tells you how to secure your privacy and live without too much worry about the often arrogant and arbitrary administrative authorities.
Review by R Kelly:
How to Be Invisible: P...J. J. LunaBest Price: $13.98Buy New $15.52(as of 04:05 EDT - Details)

My god, people, our privacy has disappeared. Any thief can steal our entire identity, our money, our bank account, and enter our home as easily as I use my key to open the front door of my home. The second chapter will scare the hell out of most of us. Because thieves can do all of this way too easily, I am taking the author’s advice. When the author first published his book, he charged about $300.00. And he sold every copy he could print. I am happy with the price I paid, the information that I received, and I hope I am more secure, safe, and that my privacy is a bit more protected – as much as the author says that it is possible to be in these days of digital access, digital hacking, and digital snooping.
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