Friday, August 16, 2019

Reading Comprehension and Education – or is it the other way around?

This is one of my pet peeves – lack of reading comprehension - it sure makes a mess of communication! Impossible – in most instances!

I comment on several forums, often linking to articles by different authors for further reading and edification. In fact, as I note on my website, it is by reading the writings of others that I have and continue to learn daily – literally!

Sure enough, more often than not, someone will reply to one of my comments totally missing the point. First, they won’t read what I linked, then they latch on to a word or phrase which might be familiar to them and off they go promulgating ‘profundities’ which have little or nothing to do with the topic. When I question their reading comprehension – yup, they get offended.
Conversation? Ended!

Now here is the really shocking factor – most of these folks are over 50! Can you imagine ‘DaYouts’ of today?

Is there a connection? I think it’s YUUGE! I recall having to pass English exams in high school where reading comprehension was a YUUGE part! What happened?

So I proceeded to word search ‘reading comprehension’ in the Limbraw Library - – the first 3 articles after this post are on point and helpful for any parent or tutor – don’t rely on your teacher!

Here is the section in the library on Education – only 637 articles – a word search for specifics might be better-:)

Keep mentoring!