Thursday, August 15, 2019

White Supremacy? Is it time to face reality or continue to believe in unicorns and leprechauns?

White supremacy might be the only thing to save the country.

First, what is supremacy? Derives from the word supreme, as in authority.

Japan - are the Japanese supreme in Japan? Chinese in China? Do they guard their supremacy jealously?

Another question: Can you beat Western Civilization (WC) by any other - today?
How and where did it grow and flourish?
Oh yeah - how many folks are just hell bent to move to Africa, Latin America? They all wanna come here - and then what?

There go those lying eyes again - if we can only get past our brainwashed and numbed noggin!
You can read more for hours or days - – how can the beneficiaries of WC defend WC if they are ignorant of it? They can’t! And worse – they are actively aiding and abetting those destroying it.
If you do not read ALL the articles in the above link and educate yourself – should take days – then you choose to be ignorant – willfully!

Oh, what is ignorance? Yup – more reading! Building Western Civilization was not easy – defending it will be even more difficult if we’re ignorant – impossible is the better word!

If we don't maintain white 'supremacy' - welcome to Chicago, Detroit or Baltimore!

Are you offended by this? I hope so – at least enough to take action – but before you take a swipe at me, READ those articles written by others who have a pretty good grasp of history!