Thursday, August 29, 2019

Vox Popoli: A dark and deceptive art (Theology)

Churchianity is rapidly descending into open blasphemy, as wolves in sheep's clothing attack Christianity and the nations:

Dozens of Christian theologians condemned Christian nationalism in an open letter, highlighting a sharpening divide among Christians over the subject of nationalism.

The letter, published in the liberal Catholic magazine Commonweal on Monday, distinguishes between nationalism and patriotism, arguing that the former “forges political belonging out of religious, ethnic, and racial identities, loyalties intended to precede and supersede law,” whereas patriotism “is love of the laws and loyalty to them over leader or party.”

The signatories, which include Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant theologians, “reject nationalism’s tendency to homogenize and narrow the church to a single ethnos,” arguing that “[i]f the church is not ethnically plural, it is not the church.” They also condemn the “xenophobia and racism of many forms of ethno-nationalism…as grave sins against God the Creator.”

The authors also contrast how nationalism and the church view migrants.

“We reject nationalism’s claim that the stranger, refugee, and migrant are enemies of the people. Where nationalism fears the stranger as a threat to political community, the church welcomes the stranger as necessary for full communion with God,” the authors say.

It won't be long before they reject Christianity's claim that the Devil is the enemy of Man too. If you ever wondered why I despise theologians and hold them in naked contempt, this letter should help you understand why.

Theology is the dark and deceptive art of explaining why the Bible means the opposite of what it actually says.