Sunday, August 25, 2019

It is Time to Address the Reality of DEPLATFORMING – NOW!

It is becoming increasingly evident that unless you are totally subservient to our establishment rulers – you will be DEPLATFORMED sooner or later by the current tech giants who rule the world of internet communications.

I am posting some items by Vox Day which not only explain the problem, but also the solution – build your own platforms!

Whoever controls our communications controls our education, our media, entertainment and thus our entire culture. Ever wonder how Conservatives and Christians lost them all? And all we ever do is whine and complain – all of which are just sweet sounds to DaLeft!

Vox Day not only provides a forum for the ‘dissident Right’ – he operates a publishing company, movie and TV production, as well as an upcoming debut SocialGalactic 2.0 in October. In other words – he is building an alternate universe to the Satanic world we live in. Most of this is crowdfunded!

Last but not least – put Vox Popoli on your desktop – NOW!
You are looking at the future!