Friday, November 1, 2019

China, USA, Prosperity, Morality and the Learned Elders of Wye – connecting more dots!

As regular visitors have learned over the last 4 years and as I state on my website, almost all of the 5000+ posts here do not address the daily wizzing contests between Dems and Pubs, DaLeft and DaBigCon. The reason is simple – these are sideshows intentionally designed to distract us from the real shakers and movers who affect the much larger and impactful picture. It is not that we pay no attention to the dailies – there just is no point in repeating what is already available from many other sources.

Today, an item caught my attention - China pushes higher 'moral quality' for its citizens. As usual, Vox Day summed it up best, but before we get to it, he mentioned a term I had only heard in passing – Learned Elders of Wye. So, to the research engine - Questions of survival - - Shmuel Rosner Jun 23, 2006 – on which Vox Day commented (2014): I thought this 2006 article on Haaretz by Shmuel Rosner concerning a conference discussing the survival of the Jewish people was intriguing, both for what it suggested in terms of what the future holds in store for America as well as what it implied about the Jewish perception of the transience of their relationship with America

I also found another Vox Day item (2016) on this same subject: The end of Jewish rule - Vox Day comments on Minnesota election

Before anyone asks how China – not a Christian nation – can achieve morality, you have to read this - Those Who Have Never Heard- Romans 2:12-16 — OnePassion Ministries – it would be especially meaningful for those Christians and Conservatives who believe in American Exceptionalism (AE) – as if it is some magic potion which overcomes all our transgressions as a nation – both external and internal! BTW – AE is a fraud – many articles to read!

Now to the coup de grâce: As for those who have been predicting China's collapse due to various economic and demographic indicators, that is a failure to grasp the causal relationship between societal wealth and morality. It is the latter that precedes the former; while there are certainly challenges and structural weaknesses that threaten the stability and well-being of both great societies, the Chinese elite is most likely going to be able to deal successfully with them. The US elite, both foreign and native, is obviously not.Vox Day