Monday, November 18, 2019

Enough Calm, Where’s the Storm? - By Brian C. Joondeph

For the past several years, most of us who have been following the seditious Deep State activities against President Trump and many of his close associates have been eagerly awaiting a reckoning. A presidential campaign, then administration, was spied upon by the previous administration, using fabricated domestic and foreign intelligence, with the willing assistance of the mainstream media.
President Trump has been accused of being a Russian agent, a Putin stooge, and a traitor by high level executives of ex-President Obama’s justice and intelligence agencies. A two-year $30 million special counsel investigation, that we were told would unearth “mountains of evidence” of Trump-Russia collusion, was a big dud, exonerating the president of his supposed treason.
Meanwhile these accusations and investigations have ruined the reputations and finances of many Trump associates. Now it’s on to so-called “impeachment inquiry” hearings, attempting to remove a duly elected president based on third-hand hearsay and disagreement with foreign policy approaches that are totally under the purview of the president, not the unelected administrative State Department apparatchiks.
We are told by the mysterious and enigmatic Q, a military intelligence insider group feeding bits and pieces to the public about what might be going on behind the curtain, that a “storm is coming.” Pain has been promised for wrongdoers at some nebulous future point in time. We are now living in “the calm before the storm”.
So far, it’s been way too calm and for way too long. As an outsider watching a steady parade of injustice and corruption directed toward the Bad Orange Man, I wonder if the predicted storm will really happen? Or if like the frequent predictions of a winter blizzard, we only get snow flurries and a breeze rather than a foot of snow.
Instead of a reckoning, it seems the swamp is thumbing their collective noses at President Trump.
Former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, deep within the seditious coup, fired by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions, supposedly under investigation, got a nice gig as a CNN contributor. Despite McCabe being one of the point men in spying on the Trump campaign, the Department of Justice has, “No immediate plans to prosecute former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.”
Compare McCabe’s treatment by the Justice Department to that of a Trump campaign advisor. “Republican operative Roger Stone was found guilty Friday of all seven counts against him, including witness tampering and making false statements.” According to the Department of Justice Office of Inspector General, McCabe gave, “False testimony under oath to the FBI Office of Professional Responsibility.”
Stone make false statements to the FBI and faces 20 years in prison. McCabe makes false statements to the FBI and becomes a cable news talking head. Some storm.
It’s a promotion for McCabe, and prison for Stone. Perhaps McCabe struck a deal with the DOJ to rat out his boss James Comey, but I’ll believe that when I see it. No storm for Mr. McCabe, just clear skies and sunshine.
Speaking of witness tampering and false statements, that is the modus operandi of Rep Adam Schiff’s House Intelligence Committee. Schiff is a star in the House and Stone is heading toward the big house. Calm weather, no storm.
Then there is the king of prosecutorial misconduct, the real special counsel, Andrew Weissman. Not content to slither away after his Enron fiasco, he ran the Mueller investigation in a similar fashion to his Enron prosecution. Any reckoning for him? Nah. Like McCabe, he was rewarded with a gig at MSNBC as an analyst, joining another should-be fugitive from justice, former CIA director John Brennan.
One of the head honchos in the coup against Donald Trump is Hillary Clinton. Any storm for her? She is on another book tour, this time with her daughter Chelsea, teasing jumping into the Democrat primaries, hoping that the third time will be the charm for her otherwise uncharming presidential aspirations. No storm for her either, only blue skies.
There are lots of investigations underway against the Deep State. Inspector General Michael Horowitz is looking at FISA application abuses including using fabricated and unverified political opposition research to spy on American citizens and others within three hops of their subjects, meaning the entire Trump campaign and organization.
US Attorney John Durham is looking into the origins of spygate and has now shifted his investigation from an inquiry to a criminal investigation. Where are the indictments, sealed or otherwise? Where are the Roger Stone-style SWAT team raids at the homes of Comey, Brennan, and Clapper, the type orchestrated by the above-mentioned Andrew Weissman?
Are any of the spygate players in solitary confinement like Paul Manafort? Or are any of them fighting for their lives, like Michael Flynn, for supposedly misstating something to the FBI during a prearranged entrapment interview?
We hear about upcoming revelations, predicted by those in the know or with good sources. Sean Hannity has “tick tock” predictions at least once a week. Yet rather than tick tocks, all we see are tweets from Brennan, Clapper, and Comey, continuing to tell their followers what a reprobate President Trump is. John Brennan recently tweeted an ominous warning to President Trump, “May your downfall be swift, your penalty onerous, & your legacy condemned by all.”
Joe DiGenova, former US Attorney now working for Team Trump, has also been promising a storm. A few weeks ago he predicted, “FISA report will ruin careers, people are going to be indicted.” This is not his first prediction that has yet to come to fruition. Where’s the reckoning? Where’s the storm?
Where is the IG report on FISA abuse? Where is the promised declassification of the documents which originated this coup? This has all been imminent every week for the past year, yet it remains as elusive as bigfoot. President Trump and AG Barr had, “animated discussions” in the Oval Office the other day but the storm still has not arrived.
Despite climate change, the weather is fair, with no storms on the horizon. Waiting for the storm to arrive is as frustrating as it was for Vladimir and Estragon waiting for Godot.
Are Barr, Horowitz, and Durham Deep State plants or will the show play out on Trump’s terms, without consideration for the impatience of me and everyone else waiting for she storm?
Despite my frustration, I am resigned to waiting. Trump laid it all out in his famous speech from October 2016. He says what he means and means what he says. He knows all about the seditious coup against his presidency and will settle scores, just as Michael Corleone settled family business in The Godfather. In the age of reality television, something Trump knows a little bit about, attention spans are short and timing is everything.
But enough already of the calm. Bring on The Storm.
Brian C Joondeph, MD, is a Denver based physician, freelance writer and occasional radio talk show host whose pieces have appeared in American Thinker, Daily Caller, and other publications. Follow him on Facebook,  LinkedInTwitter, and QuodVerum