Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The US Government Is a Criminal Racket Writ Large - By Gary D. Barnett

“A certain type of person strives to become a master over all, and to extend his force, his will to power, and to subdue all that resists it. But he encounters the power of others, and comes to an arrangement, a union, with those that are like him: thus they work together to serve the will to power. And the process goes on.”  
~ Friedrich Nietzsche

The political class is made up of those that seek to gain power over others due to either an attitude of superiority, an inflated ego, a desire to advance a personal agenda, or a misplaced concern for the wretched majority that they believe through power can be molded to their way of thinking. These political types are of many stripes, but among them rest an evil core, that group that will go to any lengths to not only gain power and control over others, but to keep it at any cost. Politicians of this ilk are the most self-serving of all.
But these groups of politicians who make up the governing class, those with false illusions of grandeur, soon awaken to the fact that they are not the actual rulers, but instead are serving a higher power. This higher power of elites actually controls the political class, but does so in many cases with anonymity, and with the use of illegal payoffs, blackmail, bribery, extortion, or threat of harm. The politician soon comes to the realization that government is but a racket that is based on collusion with a criminal element that holds a monopoly on power. It is similar to the hierarchal structure of a mafia underworld where the heads of the family, the bosses, remain in the shadows, while their lieutenants, the politicians, carry out orders handed down from above.
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I will preface my next statements with an apology to the mafia. While it is a criminal organization, it is certainly much more exposed and honest than any elite controlling entity or political class of individuals who work together to achieve dishonest ends. The mafia does not pretend to be a moral and caring ruler over others, and does not claim the high ground in any intellectual exercise of power. It simply has a business agenda to profit and gain control within its own element. Actually, it is able to use the political class in its illegal efforts, due to the fact that most politicians are more corrupt and self-serving than mafia members.
According to the FBI’s “Mafia Organization Chart,” it is a top-down hierarchy led by a boss and underboss, and advised by a powerful Consigliere. In the U.S. political structure, these bosses might be the banking magnates and corporate heads, advised by powerful committees like the Trilateral Commission and the Skull and Bones Order, all working along side the U.S. Intelligence “Community.” The next layer consisting of captains and lieutenants who command the mafia’s soldiers, are mirrored in politics by the president, the rest of the executive branch, Congress, government bureaucratic agencies, and the state governing systems. This group makes the laws necessary to control the people, and manages all the agents of force in the military and police. With this control, aggressive foreign policy and war can be affected by the military against any that stand in the way of the elitist’s global agenda, while all domestic policy is controlled from within by police and other state agents of force. The bottom of the pyramid is of course the general populace, some of whom work hand in hand with the system, while the rest of society funds and supports this criminal gang called government due to measures affected by the state that include theft, welfare, fear, manipulation, individual and intellectual destruction through contemptible education, and psychological brainwashing. The results of this nefarious system are evident today in what is now an almost fully controlled society.

The United States government then, is simply a criminal racket, subordinate to the real power structure, and is not representative of the common people as has been falsely sold to the gullible public. Government is little more than a puppet regime under the direction of a more dominant ruling authority, one that has an agenda of total power and control.
When speaking in a general manner such as this, it is important to point out that not every single politician can be described as I generally paint the group. There have always been a few members of government and other suspicious organizations that were or are truly sincere in their efforts to make a better world, and to examine and expose the failings of the system in which they chose to participate. But these few have not had the capability to repair or improve what has turned out to be a perverted and contaminated ruling system, and in some cases, they have been marginalized or eliminated due to their efforts.
In effect, the corruption of the ruling class is of such magnitude, that only a mass of individuals working together can stop the onslaught of this elite power growth. I am not speaking here of a meaningless voting public, of any civic consensus, or any collective political action group. I am suggesting that a rebirth of thought at the individual level of society as a whole has to occur in a manner not seen in modern history.

Strength must replace weakness in order to achieve freedom, as liberty cannot survive in this current environment. Solutions are evident, but cannot be implemented by political force, as that technique would necessarily destroy the solution itself. What is required is a conscious awakening in the individual soul, and a desire by large numbers of the oppressed majority to break the chains of the unmistakable tyranny that is now ever-present in our lives.
Gary D. Barnett [send him mail] is a retired investment professional living and writing in Lewistown, Montana. Visit his website.