Sunday, April 26, 2020

Vox Popoli: Corona-chan is killing the college scam (The beneficial side effect of Coronavirus? - CL)

Is there nothing she can't do? Is there no evil she can't expose?
With time growing short and the future uncertain, many high school students are considering skipping college in the fall.

The coronavirus pandemic has left many universities uncertain whether they’ll be able to welcome students to campus after summer, and many students don’t want to pay for top-flight universities if they can’t get the full in-person experience.

Some say they may skip a year. Some may opt for cheaper alternatives like community colleges. Either way, the coronavirus could leave its mark on higher education long after the pandemic fades.

Most colleges haven’t decided yet what to do about the fall, said Brian Eufinger, of Edison Prep, an SAT tutoring service and college admissions expert in Atlanta. “The closer we get to the Fourth of July they’ll have to say yay or nay,” he said.

As some students decline to attend, some schools are combing through their wait lists to fill enrollment vacancies. Eufinger said he has seen students “come off of wait lists at top schools — schools that typically don’t pull from wait lists — so that tells me their overall deposit numbers are lower.”

A university degree is a fraudulent debt-inflated rip-off. The more the demand for these unnecessary pieces of paper falls, the better off society will be. Talk to a recent college graduate. Whatever it is that they are receiving in exchange for their tens of thousands of debt-financed dollars, it isn't an education.