Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Do We See a CORONAVIRUS AWAKENING - Exquisitely and Uniquely So?

Wow – was that an understatement! It has arrived – BIG TIME!


Vitamins C and D Finally Adopted as Coronavirus Treatment - By Joseph Mercola

Yet they’re frightening because, as I noted above, the incalculable damage to the material, mental, emotional, and, yes, spiritual well-being of scores of millions of their fellow Americans, to say nothing of untold numbers of other human beings around the world who will inescapably be injured by this shutdown of America, couldn’t have happened without the zeal with which they’ve fallen into lockstep and followed their Leaders in Big Government and Big Media.

Consider this an open message to The Davos Crowd. I can see you using the pandemic of COVID-19 to run the table on holding onto power while your institutions fail.
It is obvious that by either design or acting opportunistically this pandemic has become your casus belli on us, to usher in a new world based on total surveillance, total compliance and control……..
Thanks to this mass induced insanity we have a society that is uncomfortable with the risk of living thanks to a Nanny State that is more Oedipal Mother than the usual Abusive Father…….
In other words, we believe risk is someone else’s problem. And that we owe the debts to ourselves. And it’s okay to foist risk off on those hapless suckers lest we be inconvenienced by the barest minimum of privation.
Let’s call that, in the words of a friend of mine, Spiritual Boomerism…….

And that’s the dirty little secret isn’t it? The truth is that you’re the ones that can’t handle risk. You’ve never actually risked anything, preferring instead to create an endless series of one-way trades where no matter who loses, you win…..

So, if you are as smart as you think you’ll realize it’s over. We’re taking the piss out of Spiritual Boomerism and assuming some risk.
Armed with a concierge health care provider, some hydroxychloroquine, a $5 Z-pack, and some red meat, we’ll brave the Coronapocalypse and get back to rebuilding our communities you so desperately want to destroy…

This is what you won’t stop. We’re not going to pick up guns and give you a reason to kill us. We’re not even going to raise our voices. We’re simply going to stop bothering to listen to a thing you say.
Consider yourself warned.

I  told you it was EXQUISITE! Read it ALL – every word!