Thursday, April 30, 2020

Welcome to DaTwilight Zone-DaInmates are now fully in charge!

If you can keep your head while those about you are losing their minds……..maybe you are the one that is insane? If Coronavirus has done one thing – it has exposed our national religion – FEAR! How so? Easy – we are told that in order to stay alive – we must stop living – with a serious face, no less! And most of us comply.


How in the world did all those generations before us survive without having such smart people in charge as we have now? Are we delusional?

It is not only Corona. We are told that American troops need to be stationed in 800 + bases around DaWorld to fight tyranny and communism – and spread democracy!

What is taught in most educational institutions – NOW – in America? WeADOPTED tyranny and communism!

Communism was never able to close Christian churches around the world – America did and DaChurches kneeled in obeisance – to DaState!

Congress – as usual – holds an emergency session and throws more money at DaProblem which goes mostly to guess who? Those who CREATED it! Can’t let Wall Street down, eh?
Question – where does that $$$$$$ come from? Don’t even bother asking – FEDONOMICS!
(Folks – you gotta read the list in this article with comments by Stockman. The best one: That’s right, folks. A cool $Billion. Do you have any idea how stupid your Congressman thinks you are? – CL)

Honest confession – Twenty years ago I was just as DD&B (deaf, dumb&blind) as most others are today – that’s the trouble with reading. In fact, since only 5 years ago when I started this Crush Limbraw website and DaLimbrawLibrary, I have had to change some more of my ingrained presuppositions and false premises. Discovering truth is a process – not an end state!

Unfortunately, most folks I encounter on the internet are still fighting DaLastWar – even if it ended decades ago – and they insist I catch up to what they learned half a lifetime ago and which they ASSUMED was DaTruth forever.
Furthermore – they refuse to look at any evidence which might disturb their present delusions.
That is WILLFUL ignorance! Broad is the way to destruction………

Finally – I am burned out by this Coronavirus Mania. If you look at the right column Link List, you will see some of my primary sources for information. Lately, when I read Drudge, I am ready to run and hide in DaCloset.  On the other hand, Vox Day, Lew Rockwell and Unz are my primary leads to insights by some very good writers. You should check them out and others you find.

It you’re serious about our future as a society and culture, you need to become the solid, stable member of your community who is not swayed by every shift of wind that comes along. America has descended into comfort and conformity – those days are over, folks.
That is history – no exceptions!
 Get to work – NOW!

By Jim Quinn:
My views on trust remain exactly as they were two years ago. I despise the ruling class, constituting the financial mafia family of the Wall Street cabal and their Fed puppets, powerful corporate interests, crooked captured politicians, military industrial complex warmongers, shadowy billionaires, and Deep State surveillance state operatives. Now is the time to determine who you really can trust as we enter a period of vital decisions and harrowing danger.

I do not trust my government. I do not trust the puppet politician front men for the Deep State. I do not trust the mega-corporations who dominate our economy. I do not trust central bankers and their Wall Street owners. I do not trust the fake news corporate media. I do not trust the military industrial complex. I do not trust the leaders of organized religion. - by Jim Quinn