Friday, January 22, 2021

Where was Crush the last 10+ days?

Answer - The same place you were - watching and waiting! 

Today I posted this at Vox Popoli: Like several others here, this confirms to me that Trump was told in no uncertain terms that his military option to clean up our elections had ZERO chance of implementation. Furthermore, if he hadn't been over-friendly to Israel, he wouldn't have been around anymore, much less taking action against DaSwamp. 

In plain and simple terms, the American voter has ZERO effect on our domestic or foreign policies - ZERO! Eric Zuesse has reported on a study which proved just that a few years ago. So, as Vox entitled it some days ago - "We're not going to vote our way out of this!" 

It is becoming inevitable - when our enemy controls the election process, congress, the courts and the media, and now the military AND THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH - what is the only option left? 

Yes, we still see through the glass darkly - but the signs are becoming clearer - read what The Saker wrote: 

Whether he is right or wrong is irrelevant - my point is that in the big picture - we as a nation are sorely wanting of repentance, and unless we do - this die is cast!