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Crush Notes and Connecting Dots LIST – (Jan-Jun/2019- Latest first)

This Crush Notes and Connecting Dots LIST – (Jan-Jun/2019) is part of a continuing compilation as explained in the Introduction posted earlier. If this is your first exposure to it, I strongly recommend reading the introductory material to fully understand the purpose of the LIST.

To catch them all as they accumulate – just put Crush Notes and Connecting Dots LIST in the search window and voila!




Why are Americans so casual about war?

Lies That Many Christians Believe - and the consequences could be catastrophic!

The Indispensable Factor in Starting a War – Propaganda! And we are getting it good and hard!

Just Who, What, Where… DaDeepState……and why does it matter?

Is War Imminent? Are there any grownups in Washington?

What if - just about everything you think you know about 20th century history is wrong?

The conversion of a 'dispensational pre-millenialist' A what? Wha'dat? And does it matter? The chronology of why and how it happened. - 7/31/2011

On remembering the USS Liberty, CIA, LBJ and other usual suspects.

DaWorld – Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest!

Are Conservatives, DaGOP and Churchians literally too stupid to keep our country? What say we look at the evidence!

Of Jews, Chinese, and Other Forbidden Thoughts!




Memorial Day! Of What?

If it is Official or on The Evening News – it is a LIE! Count on it!

Deep State, Draining DaSwamp, Old Political Order and Connecting Them All – CL




The Kingdom of God, Western Civilization and the Impact of Christendom in History – Does it matter?

Since 1982 - This is all you need to know about the US Stock Market! (We have been and are being manipulated!!)

Who Rules Us - Documented! - by Eric Zuesse.

Are Christians Accountable for the Great Commission? - CL




Who Rules America? It is NOT – WeDaPeople, R or D, or even the POTUS!

Liars and Lies – And The Servants of Old Scratch! John 8:44 and Ephesians 6:12 lead us to the culprits. - CL

A CrushNote to My Silents Generation and DaBoomers

What happens when the culture formers are malformed by the culture itself? - CL




Political Correctness – What is it? Do you practice it?

The US Constitution is DEAD – Bury it!

Russia, Russia, Russia – What Do We Really Know and/or Understand? – CL

The Enlightenment - Did it save Western Civilization or kill it?




So Who Controls US Foreign Policy and Why? Don’t Ask! – CL

The Conservative and Christian Conundrum in America (And their history of losing)

America – You are Being Replaced! And You Have No Voice in the Process! - CL

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas – Joyeux Noel! From Crush (See the movie!)