Friday, December 23, 2022

Satan's Wars - Christians Killing Christians

Starting with the Civil War and adding both World Wars I and II, total military deaths alone easily total at least 40 million…and civilian fatalities further extend the human loss of life beyond 100 million – not counting millions more disabled.

What do these major wars have in common?

All three were wars between national cultures which were Christian!

World War I was almost stopped by common soldiers in British and German trenches - The Christmas Truce of 1914 was a spontaneous event that happened at a number of locations all along the 600 miles of triple trenches that stretched across Belgium and France, and it was an event that would never again be duplicated, thanks to the war-profiteers, professional militarists and saber-rattling journalists in the media, Christian Bishops and Members of Parliament who glory in their nation’s “pseudo-patriotic” wars…….

Christian Church Leadership has an Ethical Duty to Warn About the Potential for Spiritual Suicide of Cannon Fodder Soldiers if They Participate in Combat War

Remembering the Christmas Truce of 1914: (Questioning Christian Participation in War) - By Gary G. Kohls, MD

Of course, greater forces prevailed to continue the degradation of the Christian life and culture of Western Civilization……

Satanic wars against the servants of God are as old as mankind –

And I will make enemies

Of you and the woman,

And of your offspring and her Descendant;

He shall bruise you on the head,

And you shall bruise Him on the heel.”  - Gen 3:15

So…who are DaServants of Satan? And how do they operate?

Both questions are answered here - Propaganda-the Lifeblood of DaSynagogue of Satan - This cult is not new. It is a very old religion which has taken different names and forms over the centuries. It is the temple of social justice, it is the church of antiracism, it is the syncretic heresy of churchianity, holocaustianity, and judeochristianity. It is the cult of Babel, it is the religion of the Pharisees, of the Gnostics, and of the Prometheans. Jesus Christ called it the synagogue of Satan. And it all harkens back to the old promise of the snake in the Garden of Eden.

American Civil War.

Here we continue with another chapter from Charles A. Weisman’s book, Who Is Esau-Edom?

Weisman demonstrates how the behavior of Jewry throughout history vis a vis Christian nations appears to fulfill the prophecies surrounding Esau-Edom and its hatred for Jacob-Israel and his descendants — the living remnant of whom can be found in the peoples of European Christian nations…………

Here was a war not only planned and instigated by Jews, such as the Rothschilds, but both sides were financed by Jewish banks. When the Southern states laid devastated in the aftermath of the war, the Jewish-Marxist plan of reconstruction was established to further destroy the white rule and culture. The South was put under military government and whites were deprived of their rights, their Constitutions, and their property. Entire plantations were destroyed, burned and pillaged to deny the white Southerners their inheritance.

Jewish carpetbaggers from the North — such as the Lehmans, the “seven liberal-minded” Seligman brothers, the Baruchs, and other special emissaries of the Rothschilds — came to seize from the widows and orphans of the Confederate dead their last savings, their last possessions, and their lands and homes.

Who Is Esau-Edom? Jewry's Treachery Against Christian-Israel - Christians for Truth


World War I and II

The Jewish Hand in the World Wars, Part 2, by Thomas Dalton - The Unz Review - Thus we see something of a long-term trend: Unethical, unprincipled, deceptive American presidents, who are “swayed by their Jewish elements” (Dillon), to lead an unwilling nation into battle against sovereign countries that are deemed to be enemies of the Jews. The parallels to the past 25 years are striking.


And Now? The Jewish Hand in World War Three - by Thomas Dalton - The Unz Review - On the one hand, I fear greatly for our future. On the other, I feel that we get what we deserve. When we allow malicious Jews to dominate our nations, and then they lead us into war and global catastrophe, well, what can we say? Perhaps there is no other way than to await the inevitable conflagration, exact retribution in the ensuing chaos, and then rebuild society from scratch—older and wiser………

…… This essay has been a study in history. But we must never forget: History is suffused with lessons for the present. What, then, can we conclude from this long and tragic story?

First: Wars are complex events, and all complex events have multiple causes. They are generally the result of an accumulation of tensions and conflicts over several years. It would be all but impossible for any one group, no matter how influential, to precipitate war if the conditions were not already favorable. But a small group can certainly heighten existing tensions, or serve as a trigger, or exacerbate an ongoing conflict.


History - Much of the so-called “history” we were taught in our schools has not been so accurate as we might have believed. In particular, the book publishers, with cunning aforethought, have managed to eliminate much of the most important information necessary to give us a real understanding of the world in which we live. After the elimination of perhaps 50% of the crucial facts, much of the remainder that has been presented to us is factually false. Even worse, they have managed to construct a disconnected historical narrative consisting of sound bytes that appear unrelated and thus prevent us from being able to connect the necessary dots to see the overall picture as it really is (or has been). To make matters worse, our teachers, having been educated in this same system, are themselves ignorant of most of the crucial facts. In this essay, I will attempt to present some major sections of an important segment of our history so the relations can be made and the picture discerned as a whole. – Larry Romanoff


Big Problem - EXPOSED: Most Churches Now in Western Civilization Are Dupes of the Enemies of Christ! - Which leads me to the saddest fact of all – we who call ourselves Christians – have been clueless as to what is going on in this world for so long that we can no longer distinguish good from evil.

My point in bringing this up is that unless we can identify who our enemy is, we end up fighting each other. Think 20th century - "you and him go fight" - Christians fighting Christians!


After two years of mindlessly idiotic and unhealthy masking and vaxxing edicts from our psychopathic overlords, DaCovid Cabal was visibly collapsing – so a new enemy had to be found…..Russia.. Russia…and we responded like trained seals. Absolutely shameful how naïve and gullible we are – but what can you expect after years and years of pabulum being dispensed from our pulpits? It is time to grow up, folks – NOW!

Here is an adult version of the Ukraine story - The US is Culpable in Today's Ukraine Crisis, by Liam Cosgrove - The Unz Review - If you are a US citizen, and if, God willing, the world survives this war, then please, do not continue to tolerate these neo-conservative and neo-liberal establishment politicians. They are on both sides of the aisle – Bush’s, Clinton’s, Obama, Schumer, McConnell, Pelosi, Cheney’s, Anthony Blinken, McCain, John Bolton. It’s a special kind of hubris and naiveté to believe covert and reckless regime change operations will flourish into Western values. The Middle East has paid this price for years and now neo-con machinations are potentially putting the entire planet at risk.

(And finally a note from Crush to readers here: In case anyone thinks this is a hit on ALL Jews – because your limited attention span prevents you from seeing the big picture – I want to personally express my appreciation to Ron Unz and his website for providing much of the materiel here for your reading. BTW – Mr. Unz is Jewish.)