Thursday, December 1, 2022

What Would Happen if the Media Were to Publish an “Unconfirmed Report” that a Nuclear War Has Started? Another Lockdown, Martial Law? By Emanuel Pastreich

If you were wondering what might take the place of COVID-19 as a global threat meant to compel the citizens of the Earth to comply with totalitarian government and to follow orders that restrict all activities, you need not wait any longer.

The threat of nuclear war, and the radioactive environment that will be created thereby, has emerged as the powerful tool in the toolbox for the elites. The recent call for a first strike on Russia by NATO issued by Ukraine’s President Zelensky seemed to be a clear push for the World War Three that we have dreaded for the last seventy years.

But the institutions that we rely on for information are so degraded and corrupt that honestly we cannot be sure whether President Zelensky even made that suicidal demand. For that matter we have seen multiple reports on the bombing of Nord Stream 1 and 2, but we do not have any independent manner of confirming what actually happened. We, and I include a significant part of those in the military in positions of authority in that “we,” are flying blind.

Let us imagine what they next step might be. The media may declare tomorrow that a nuclear war has started, and that nuclear weapons have been detonated in the Ukraine, in Poland, in Germany, in Russia and in the United States.

The result? All cities will be locked down under martial law and the danger of radioactive fallout will be more than enough justification to demand that citizens remain in their homes without venturing out for months, or years.

Maybe there will be such a horrific nuclear war, or maybe it will be entirely fake, a nuclear pandemic cooked up to force citizens to get injections against radiation sickness.

The Department of Health and Human Services of the United States announced recently that it has obtained $290 million of drugs to treat radiation sickness drug “as part of long-standing, ongoing efforts to be better prepared to save lives following radiological and nuclear emergencies,” and warnings about nuclear war have been popping up in public advertising in the United States and Europe.

Or perhaps this time it will be primarily a fake nuclear war with a few real mini nukes detonated thrown in so as to get the point across—much as the real killing of citizens in Europe and China using bioweapons was necessary to make the COVID-19 fraud look believable.

Everyone is frightened, fearing that we are on the edge of nuclear war, but unable to talk about it. Sounds like what the billionaires ordered.

Putin’s speech of September 30 was held up by his supporters on the right and on the left as a heroic stand against NATO aggression. It was by far his best speech yet. Nevertheless, he was silent on the rule of global finance, on the COVID-19 reign of terror and on the abuse of intergovernmental organizations to force feed us the will of the billionaires. It is too early to determine whether Russia offers a real alternative. Personally, I think that Iran, Turkey and even China are doing a better job of moving away from the domination of global finance—but that question is a hard one to answer accurately in midstream.

What we can be sure of is that as Russia and NATO move towards a war economy, and adopt a war command structure, representative government, free movement and communication of citizens, and accurate reporting will come to an end.

The big breakdown

It may be a matter of days, weeks or months, but the system for governance, logistics, transportation, food and energy supplies, information (journalism) and education, medical treatment, even housing and clothing, will break down.

A partial shutdown of the economy and of the functions of government, civil society and business is already in effect.

The threat of nuclear war, or of missile firing, will be an excuse to push through martial law, to isolate the citizens, to allow corporations to completely control all means of finance, production, distribution and sales, and to create complete dependency on government and on multinational corporations for the basics of life. For example, the Kishida administration in Japan used the recent firing of a missile over Japanese territory as an excuse to radically limit the freedom of movement for Japanese citizens.

What we must do

The last seventy years of easy living, of dependency on a money economy, of reliance on the Federal government and multinational corporations, has left most of us without the ability to produce food, clothing, furniture, or much of anything at all, on our own.

The only option is to create a legitimate government from the bottom up; we must start from your family members, from your neighbors, from your local government and only then work our way up.

Once we control our own minds, our own families, and we are able to make our own decisions without being fed the mind-numbing trash, flavored conservative or progressive, called news, then we can build a real government, a real economy, and a real culture that grows from the people, and that has nothing to do with supercomputers or multinational investment banks.

Trust no one, but start to build relations of profound trust. Start with your family, extend a hand to your neighbors, and reach out bravely to like-minded people across the nation.

We must rebuild the government from ground up. It is so corrupt, so broken, so contradictory, and so suicidal that in its present form it cannot lead us anywhere but towards the grave.

Remember, there will not be a real government until you and your neighbors build one with your own hands.

Rebuilding government means making it clear that the relationship must be between the government and the people, the community, to which the government is ultimately responsible.

We must start to organize, beginning with family, to create sustainable local communities that can supply food, water, housing, and other necessities in the face of systemic breakdown.

We will need entirely new systems that are run in a transparent manner by the people for food production, water supply, energy supply, distribution, information and education, and housing.

Basic principles

We live in an environment wherein false stories of nuclear war, pandemics and economic collapse, woven together with fragments of truth, are deployed to manipulate us daily and we will not have access to accurate information until we create our own fully independent media sources.

Attitude is essential. We must be spiritually and psychologically strong and we must overcome fear, irrational fear of the unknown. They will use hyped-up fear, terror, as the tool to control us—as they already have done with numerous fake school shootings, contrived racial attacks, and other incidents intended to convince us that the enemy is our neighbor who has different habits, and not the rich who wish to destroy us all.

Organize Your Community in Response to the Global Assault. Partial Shutdown of the Economy, On the Edge of Nuclear War

We must quickly establish a healthy culture, which means overcoming the negative popular culture forced on us by the corporations, notably, the cult of the self, narcissism, the throw-away culture of consumption and waste, and the trap of emotional manipulation through gender and ethnic branding that is meant to destroy our personal autonomy.

That means a return to real values, real love, real family, and real responsibility to the community. It means moving away from the individual as the focus and embracing values like frugality and honesty.

We must look out for our families first as we prepare for a total systemic collapse. At the same time, we must have a strong sense of community so that we are ready to help each other, and to take risks for each other, when the situation demands it.

We need to identify who has what skills in our neighborhood, and what his or her role will be when the system breaks down. Who has skills as a farmer, a doctor, a negotiator, a teacher, an organizer, a carpenter, a moral leader, etc.? Money is not the important factor in making these plans because money can very quickly have little value if the authority of public institutions dissolves, or if banks are shut down.

First, there must be an immediate response to the shutdown: stockpiling food and supplies, purchasing tools and objects with real value, and forming plans with friends and neighbors for how we can pool resources, reduce waste, change habits, and form a community quickly.

Secondly, we need a long-term program for sustainable agriculture, creating local manufacturing, and forming communities that are self-sufficient, communities wherein the means of production, distribution and consumption are controlled by the people in a democratic manner, much in the sense envisioned in the United States at the time of the signing of the Constitution.

Self-sufficiency over months and years will require a major shift in our thinking about ourselves and our community. They will take time and careful planning. That part is not simply about surviving on food you have hoarded.

Bravely start the discussion

The biggest challenge will be talking with your family about the crisis honestly and making a plan together. If you can do that, you are already halfway to the solution.

Next, snap out of denial! Overcome your shyness and start to discuss these matters seriously with your neighbors. The culture fed to us by television and movies encourages in us an obsession with personal needs and discourages the building a community. This poisonous culture must be exposed and driven out.

The SAT test never asks you how to make water potable, how to create your own compost for your garden, which local plants are edible, or how to raise chickens. That is no accident. The multinational corporations want you to be dependent on what they supply and lacking in self-sufficiency. They are counting on this crash to bring you to your knees.

See how you can reduce your expenses through self-sufficiency rather than scrambling to get more money, how you can pool resources with family and neighbors so as to form close bonds and further reduce waste.

Sharing resources, and working to create water mills, install good old fashioned wind mills, set up solar energy (and the best form of solar energy is using the sun to grow plants we eat), and manual labor will make us stronger and more independent.

Build houses that will last for a hundred years, weave pants that will last for fifty years, and you will find that we do not need so much, that we are free for the first time. Magically our garbage cans will be empty because we reject the false consumption ideology.

We need to teach our own children, and our neighbors’ children—and to teach ourselves—through a new educational system that is based in science and in ethical principles. The false growth paradigm and technological development paradigm must be scrapped.

We must deal with difficult questions like ownership. Obviously the land bought up by multinational corporations with fake money does not belong to them. But we must have a consistent policy concerning how that land is owned and administered, how it is farmed and how the food produced is shared. The banks and corporations clearly do not have any legitimate claim of ownership but we must set up logical and just definitions of what possession means to avoid chaos.

Seizing the farmland in the United States, or in other nations, that is falsely claimed by multinational corporations and using it to create small self-sufficient family farms is the most effective manner to counter the current takeover by global finance and create a real economy based on real objects and real needs.

The problem of security

The fake declaration that a nuclear war has started may be accompanied by the use of 5G, or robots and drones, to attack citizens. These are real threats from within and we must be prepared.

The dangers of a shock and awe attack meant to completely demoralize and confuse us are high—but every one of these threats can be responded to if we are level headed, organized and committed to the cause.

It is a sad fact of history that we are always preparing to fight the last war. This next war will play out according to unfamiliar rules. The principles of war, however, are unchanging.

Safety first! But it is a mistake to start swinging your sword if you do not know who your enemy is.

Our enemies have gone to great length to cover their tracks, to hide behind those cardboard messiahs.

We will need to establish our own systems to assess the quality of air, of soil, of food, and of water, without relying on corporate or government controlled organizations.

At the beginning, we cannot shoot down the planes engaged in geoengineering; we cannot stop low-orbit military satellites.

Yet, do not despair!

If we build up our network from the bottom up, one based on mutual support and mutual respect, eventually we will be able to reach to the heavens.

We must take down all the 5G towers that are used to assault our bodies, and our minds, using electromagnetic radiation. As those 5G networks are supposedly private property owned by Verizon, ATT, or others, this operation requires preparation. We need to explain to citizens, and to anyone who asks, or who challenges us, why the money used to build those towers was fake and why the organizations running 5G networks are criminal syndicates working to destroy us.

Such arguments will be difficult at first, but I have complete confidence that as things get worse, those arguments will eventually carry the day. Go forth with confidence.

Attacks by drones and robots are also entirely possible, especially if martial law is declared in response to a nuclear war, real or fabricated. There are ways to defend ourselves against these weapons, and to dismantle them. The first step is to talk with each other honestly and to start brainstorming.

The military, the intelligence community, and the police

It is a sad fact that the collapse of our civilization, and the profound corruption that has spread through all parts of the body politic, have rendered the organizations that are supposed to be concerned with safety and security as criminal syndicates that use their authority and supposed legitimacy to push through projects that benefit the few by destroying us.

Many an honest military officer, or police officer, has been destroyed in secret by the globalists, or forced to do terrible things in response to horrible threats.

The situation seems overwhelming, but it is far from hopeless. We have faced such challenges before in human history and once a serious discussion starts outside of banal consumer culture, real leaders with real solutions will emerge.

We have complete faith that a way forward will become manifest once we know the truth and that truth sets us free.

If you are a member of the police, of the military, or of intelligence, a man or woman who has a conscience, who cares about the Constitution and the rule of law, who is concerned about whether your children will survive, please allow me to make a suggestion.

Look around and see if you can identify others who have similar concerns. See if you can form a space in which you can speak with colleagues honestly, and assess what is going on accurately, a space wherein you can discuss what needs to be done. If you can create such a space, you have made tremendous progress.

Do not be concerned about whether it is two people, or a hundred people. Numbers are not important at this moment.

If you must take action that seems ineffective, do not be discouraged. Every single act of resistance, every effort to dismantle the rule of our nation by global capital, makes a real difference, even if it is not immediately visible.

Your historic contributions may not be recognized for decades. That is how history works. Those seeking immediate fame and glory are not to be trusted.

We must work for the country, for our children, but also for the children of others.

Your training in security matters is not so valuable in a government run by billionaires. You are slated for destruction sooner or later. There can be no doubt about that.

But among the citizens, your understanding could be a matter of life and death. You are desperately needed by the nation.

The truth goes marching on

The United States of America is founded on the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. If the government rejects that contract between the people and the institutions empowered to use force, to effect the economy, then it is no longer a “government” but rather a criminal syndicate. If we are loyal to the people, follow the word and the spirit of the Constitution, are ethical in accord with natural law, we are the government, even if we are but a handful of people.

Our influence will expand exponentially as the crisis enters the next stage.

You are the ones who will lead and I have complete confidence that real leaders will emerge. They will not come from Harvard or Google. They may come from humble backgrounds, but they will be remarkable in every sense.

Although the power of the corporations to manipulate us using the media and their control of enormous parts of the military seems unlimited, that monster has a soft underbelly at the local level and there are real solutions to the most horrific of the weapons they plan to unleash, that we can make use of if we are focused, organized and committed.

The original source of this article is Global Research.

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