Thursday, February 23, 2023

The Battle to Ban the Jab, The First Domino Fell - Dr. Joseph Sansone

I think our relationship with our politicians should be a very simple one. The attitude should be along the lines of, ‘do what we tell you to do.’ The message to Florida politicians on this issue is very simple. We can do this the easy way, or the hard way.

In 1774 the battle of Lexington and Concord became the shot heard round the world. While a series of events were already in motion that created a tinder box. It was a battle that ignited the American evolution as colonials fought the British Empire for the individual right to bear arms. Last night may or may not be remembered as the shot heard round the world, but it may have been the first domino to fall in the battle to ban the jab and the campaign against global genocide.

There has been a nationwide effort to take back Republican Executive Committees across the country in an effort to gain control over the ‘machine’ and to shift the party from being controlled opposition to opposition. Personally, for me, this is also an effort to stop the great reset and stop global technocracy and genocide. This is something we can do locally and have an impact.

Recently, in my neck of the woods in Lee County Florida we cleaned house and elected a new board in December. This was an America First team. The election required months of planning and a team effort with a core group of people organizing it.

Last night on February 21 we had our first Republican Executive Committee (REC)meeting since the election. On the agenda was my Ban The Jab Resolution.  Resolutions are one of the most important things we can do as executive committee members. Resolutions put pressure on elected officials while at the same time providing cover for them to take action. Resolutions also motivate voters and give them a reason to support the REC financially and otherwise. They also reveal the frauds in the local party. Powerful resolutions give voters a reason to vote.

The ban the jab resolution being considered declared C19 and C19 injections biological weapons, and called for the legislature and governor to ban them, and for the attorney general to confiscate them and do forensic audits. This resolution was also vetted. When on a conference call I read it to Dr. Francis Boyle, who is the Harvard educated law professor that wrote the 1989 bioweapons and antiterrorism act, he is an international, criminal, and constitutional law expert. He said it was excellent.

Unfortunately, the new REC board we just elected was not totally supportive of the resolution. Some were supportive, others were not. One was opposed to resolutions in general. It was reported to me that our state delegation was also speaking against the ban the jab resolution and resolutions in general at a Republican Party of Florida caucus the prior weekend. Live and learn, I guess…

Keep in mind the newly elected board all new they would get this resolution before they were elected. The meeting agenda had an unnecessary 2 hour time limit, prohibition on recording, and the ban the jab resolution was last on the agenda. After exerting some pressure, the timer and prohibition on recording were dispensed with by the time the meeting came about. In fairness, they certainly had the right to oppose the resolution, and like I said, did respond properly to pressure. A clear lesson here is to make sure that you put candidates up there that are totally against The Great Reset, and are not, as my friend Robert Valenta says, ‘slimer climbers’ and just in it for themselves.

Anyway, back to the meeting and the battle to ban the jab. The former treasurer of the Lee County REC was actively working to stop the resolution. It was later reported to me that earlier in the meeting when committees and subcommittees were being discussed that there was a coordinated effort and delay tactics were being utilized to drag out the meeting in an effort to lose quorum. Naturally the ban the jab resolution was last on the agenda. This did not work as the support for the resolution was stronger than I anticipated.  

During debate evidence was presented that the shots are biological and technological weapons. Many individuals told horror stories about people they know that dropped dead form the shots and of people getting cancer, and other disease. Some heart wrenching stories were also told of children being harmed by the bioweapons.

There were a few people repeating the false narrative that this issue was about freedom of choice and the right to buy a product. It was kind of like arguing that I have a right to buy coffee that I don’t know is poisoned. Some of these people got a bit agitated. For the most part these false arguments were comedic, especially because they were being made largely from the big government Republicans.

This is not about the right to buy a product as the product is a bioweapon designed to harm. That is like saying you have the right to buy coffee you didn’t know was poisoned. Foreign entities in conjunction with the deep state are targeting Americans with these bioweapons. We are under attack via biological warfare. Multinational pharmaceutical companies have been weaponized against Americans and the human race. You would have to label the product biological and technological weapon and list all thousand or so side effects in easily understandable English and also label the product not safe nor effective for there to be any semblance of informed consent. NGOs are waging war against the human race and these bioweapon shots are part of that unrestricted warfare campaign.

Eventually, the vote came up and the two thirds vote required was smashed and it was a landslide victory on the resolution. Local fake news media did cover the ban the jab resolution’s passage, but naturally did a bit of a hit job.

Does it matter?  

Well, the intention of this resolution was to call out every politician in the state of Florida to tell the truth about these bioweapons and take action. It appears that other REC’s across the state will be taking up this resolution or similar ones. This may be the beginning of a statewide revolt from the bottom up within the Republican Party of Florida and the beginnings of a campaign against the genocide. Hopefully, this will spread beyond Florida. In short, this may be the first domino to fall. At the very least there is an open discussion about whether these bioweapons should be on the market or not rather than being mandated.  

I think our relationship with our politicians should be a very simple one. The attitude should be along the lines of, ‘do what we tell you to do.’ The message to Florida politicians on this issue is very simple. We can do this the easy way, or the hard way.

This is just the first step, and hopefully the first domino.

Below is the resolution and footnotes. Feel free to use it and mutiny in your local Republican Executive Committee across these United States….

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