Saturday, February 4, 2023

The Dark Ramifications of Jews Controlling the Gods, by Jung-Freud - The Unz Review

Control of the Gods leads to Control of All Money & Power — Why Jews Have the Power to Control the Gods 

As Jesus said, man doesn’t live on bread alone, whether bread means food or money. People need to feel justified, good, and whole. Even the worst of us want to be seen as ‘respectable’, even righteous. The Corleones in THE GODFATHER don’t just kill and rake in profits but give to the church and do good work to burnish(and launder) their reputation.

Now, the operative morality in the business world isn’t one of personal conviction or true principles. Rather, it’s a status-based morality and quasi-spirituality. Most businessmen lack core morality or spiritual conviction to guide them. Indeed, men of true conviction are generally unfit for business, which is about wheeling-dealing and handshakes. So, business morality flows not from deep personal conviction but anxiety of reputation. How others regard you counts for more than how you feel from within. So, if BLM or Globo-Homo is the latest fad in the righteous sweepstakes, most businessmen will support it or go along with least resistance. It’s like Democrats are proudly globo-homo and the Republicans offer no resistance as Jews(as the current masters) made it the New Normal to celebrate and revere homos and trannies as quasi-spiritual superiors.

If indeed the business world is without deep conviction and genuine principles, WHO determines their ethos and morality, their quasi-spirituality? Who controls the gods? The control of gods leads to the control of all money.

Jews control the gods, and this is why even the richest goyim bow down to Jews and their favored icons. Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Jeff Bezos are stinking rich, but they don’t shape the icons and idols. Jews do, and Jews can destroy anyone overnight by accusing him or her of ‘ungodliness’, which these days means not being sufficiently deferential to Jews, blacks, and homos. If Buffett were denounced as ‘racist’, ‘anti-Semitic’, or ‘homophobic'(quasi-godly matters in our time), he would lose his partners, supporters, friends, and top employees who will go work for another firm that is ‘godly’ than ‘evil’. No matter how rich you are in the US, you better go with GloboHomo, which is now a ‘spiritual’ matter. If you don’t, you can no longer be part of the game as a player. Jews understand the dynamics of ‘sacronicity’, the electronic idolization of what are currently deemed most holy-shmoly. As Jews determine what is ‘sacronic’, they control the empty deracinated neon-souls of the modern ‘consumerian’.

While money = power, it is only a base kind of power. You can buy favors, services, and lots of things. You can hire people to do things. But it doesn’t mean you are good and justified. Money as money lacks sanctity. It’s like a rich guy can buy sex but can’t buy love. It’s like a rich guy can buy a lot of toadies and flunkies but can’t buy genuine friendship, deep loyalty. He can buy fawning obedience but not real respect.

This is what libertarians don’t understand about capitalism and about themselves. They talk of liberty, individualism, and success, and those are good things, but a ‘spiritual’ sense of righteousness doesn’t arise from those qualities. Being successful means you’re better off, it doesn’t mean you’re on the side of angels, let alone the gods. Even Ayn Rand’s mythic cult of the individual failed in the creation of gods.

It is then no wonder that even libertarians worship the gods controlled by Jews. For all their talk of liberty and individuality over they years, they’ve feel empty without some sense of sanctity and righteousness that transcend issue of mere freedom. So, they glom onto the globo-homo cult and MLK worship and even support ‘hate speech’ laws and monopolist suppression of freedom and liberty. Supporting free speech is just a matter of rights, whereas suppressing ‘hate speech’ makes one feel righteous, on the side of the gods against the devils. And they dare not support BDS even though its suppression is a clear violation of the Constitution and libertarian principles. Soul-empty libertarians are so taken with the godly thrills of worshiping Jews and celebrating globo-homo that there is a definite limit to their commitment to soulless freedom. Their quasi-spiritual worship of Jews is more emotionally stirring and satisfying than any rational commitment to liberty.

Capitalism can generate wealth but it cannot create gods. At most, it can create idols, mostly in the form of celebrities of music, entertainment, and sports. But even mere idolatry, for all its popularity, doesn’t come with righteousness. Compare Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson. Both were top champions, but why did Ali get more respect? Not only was he more colorful and entertaining but became associated with spiritualized themes. He turned to Islam at a time when it was bold for a black man to move in that direction. And coming to prominence during the Civil Rights Era, he came to symbolize a righteous cause. And his refusal to serve in Vietnam for personal conviction elevated his standing in the radical era. In contrast, Mike Tyson was only about power and money, unassociated with anything higher than self-aggrandizement. Ali would have been a popular idol without ‘godly’ associations, but they made him much bigger than a mere celebrity.

It’s then not surprising that so many black athletes got to ‘taking the knee’. As successful athletes, they got the money and the bling. But those only represent fame and fortune, sensationalizing them but not elevating them. They want to be associated with something higher, the ‘godly’. This sacredness could be based on something legit or something bogus. It doesn’t matter as long as it has the approval of the current gods. Most celebrity idols and businessmen don’t care about the truth. They care about reputation and the zing of being on the side of angels. Still, they themselves don’t generate the gods and angels.

Then, who does? Obviously, those who construct/control the gods need lots of money and the means. But they need something more. They need ambition, prophetic vision, ruthless megalomania, and the sheer will to control and dominate. The radical will or chutzpah. And Jews are tops in this. Why? Jewishness is built on a massive neurosis. There are three possible spiritual visions:

1. Every group has its god, and there are many groups, each with its own god. So, if there are 100 groups, there are 100 gods, with each group having special claim on its own god. This was how paganism worked. Greeks had their own gods but didn’t deny Egyptians or Hindus their own gods. This way is consistently particularist.

2. There is one God, and as there is only one, He belongs to all peoples, and all peoples are equally loved by Him. He favors no particular tribe and loves the good and righteous among all peoples. This is Christianity and Islam. This way is consistently universalist.

3. There is only one God, but for some reason, He favors one people over all others. This is an inconsistent combination of universalism and particularism. The only-one-God part is universalist, as He is the ruler of all. But then, it says this one and only God favors Jews uber alles. So, Jews have an expansive imagination of God who claims mastery over all the world and all the peoples, BUT God favors the Jewish tribe as special and more deserving than inferior goyim.

Such an attitude makes Jews highly moralistic(as the Tribe that received the laws from God) but also emotionally stingy as they claim special relationship to the one and only God. Secular Jews replaced God with History or Self-Worship. Notice how Jews incessantly pontificate about combating supremacism and related evils, but it all boils down to non-Jews of every stripe having to suck up to Jews as the master race(though masquerading as the forever victim race — the forever victim-master-race).

With such a radical will, it’s no wonder Jews are so obsessed with controlling the ‘spirituality’ or the ‘gods’ of any society. With their disproportionate representation in academia, media, history, the arts/entertainment, and advertising, they are powerfully positioned to create the narratives, idols, saints, angels, and passions that constitute the ‘gods’. So, while others are just making money, Jews mold and manipulate the gods. Jews promote them via Hollywood as the new secular vatican and the elite colleges as the new seminaries.

Unlike mere money-power that is base and crude, god-power feels holy and redeeming. And, this means that once the gods take hold in the public imagination, even the richest goy must obey them as the new faith or even mania of the masses. (But then, even before the ‘gods’ spread to the mob-majority, the elites are goaded with the initial offerings on the ‘gods’ as ‘canonical’ in the higher realm. After all, elite vanity has less to do with approval from the mob than from one’s peers and superiors. Also, as elites hold all the cards, it’s understood that whatever the elites adopt will soon spread to the masses of sheeple as well. It’s only a matter of time, like with mantras about ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’.) Military men and merely rational actors don’t create or control the gods. Indeed, notice how the Jewish-created gods of ‘globo-homo’ have resulted in the US military men fighting for the wonders of sodomy and tranny-penis-cutting. Those with guns fight under the auspices of those who wield the ‘holy’ scepter. Mere historians don’t control the gods either; if anything, most historians are mere scribes in service to the gods created by others, e.g. ‘Muh Holocaust’. Controllers of the gods are those with the will and imagination to cobble together the stories, images, and emotions into overwhelming epics for the mind, the heart, and the senses in communion. Jews wrote the Bible, and it proves they’ve long mastered the art of controlling the gods. They know how to combine ideas + stories + themes + emotions + passion + redemption + deliverance into Law & Lore. No wonder the Bible has come to be The Book, the Complete Volume, for countless peoples. In the modern era, the great Jewish dream(of vengeance) was to replace Christianity with something other, and Christianity has shown itself to be weak before the full assault of Jews with their new batch of ‘gods’.

As the ‘gods’ are holy, they are favored over the principles of secular liberal democracy. As Jews are the holy holocaust people according to the gods, free speech must be sacrificed at the altar of Jewish Feelings, which are holy. Holy compulsion > Devilish liberty. And facts about black criminality must be ignored or suppressed because MLK is god and blackity-ness is holy. We can’t hurt holy black feelings. So, even though blacks routinely brutalize and murder kill blacks and non-blacks alike, we must get on our knees and pretend innocent holy blacks are being sacrificed by ‘systemic racism’. Even the life and death of a thug like George Floyd must be held as more precious than all the lives killed by blacks.

And as the gods say sodomy is holy, government buildings and businesses must fly the homo flag, and politicians must show up at ‘gay pride’ parades, OR ELSE! We’ve been told we can’t have God in the school and the courts due to separation of church and state, but we must have the ‘gods’ in all of them. Though these ‘gods’ aren’t technically religious, they function in the same manner because ‘sacrosanct’ passions override secular facts and rights. (It’s taboo to have a honest and rational debate about matters that might offend and ‘desecrate’ the holy feelings of Jews, blacks, and homos.) And now, even churches fly globo-homo symbols and BLM ones too. As Jews control the gods, BLM and globo-homo are now holier than Christianity. Today, Christians feel they must justify their faith before the judgements of blacks and homos than insist that all-people-as-sinners must justify their souls before God and Jesus. Christianity must prove itself worthy of blessing by homo vanity and black megalomania. The newly imagined god seeks approval from homos and blacks, not the other way around.

Jake Tapper can tweet as he did precisely because Jews control the gods. If Tapper were truly honest about ‘hate groups’, he should name ADL and AIPAC as the premier candidates as they pressure US whore-politicians into supporting terrorist and supremacist Israel that continues to occupy West Bank and mow down people in Gaza. ADL and AIPAC work to ensure that US politicians of both parties shall never criticize Israel but support more Wars for Zion regardless of the human cost.

The Jewish-run media are a hate organization because so much hatred is spewed against Russia, Iran, or any other nation that refuses to get on with the Jewish Globo-Homo program. But Tapper ignores all that and lists a bunch of ‘white nationalist’ groups. Like many other Jews, he is more offended by the white aspiration for agency and liberty from Jewish Supremacism than by Jewish Supremacism itself. For Tapper, Jewish Supremacism is just the rightful Way of the World, like sun rising in the East. It isn’t deemed supremacist because it’s only natural that Jews should rule and be on top. As Jews control the gods(and feel as gods themselves), why should they be troubled by their own supreme authority?

The way Jews see it, it is ‘supremacism’ only when an inferior people elevate themselves as better than others. It’s like it’s perfectly natural for God to feel above humanity. It’s natural, cosmic, and holy, not to be questioned. The problem occurs only when man dares to challenge God or decides to go his own way. According to God, mankind that challenges God(as in the story of the Tower of Babel) must be ruthlessly destroyed. And, man cannot humbly walk away from God either. Man can never be independent of God and must bow down before Him.

Jews feel the same way in relation to goyim, especially white goyim. Jews should be on top, and that’s that as the spiritual law of the universe. It’s only right because Jews are holy and deserve respect. Jews are supreme but not supremacist. Jewish supreme-ness is just the way of the universe. It is a matter of ‘is’ than ‘ism’. It’s like humans are supreme over all animals not because they believe so but because they be so. So, Jewish supremacy mustn’t be regarded as supremacist because it’s based not on Jewish beliefs but on Jewish knowledge of being superior, either God-given or natural.

In contrast, when an inferior people dare to challenge the Jews, it is a case of supremacism because it is based on belief than on being. So, despite the reality of Jews BEING superior, the Nazis BELIEVED themselves to be superior. BEING SUPERIOR > BELIEVING IN SUPERIORITY. That means anyone who challenges the Jews for supremacism must be crushed.

But what about whites who have no supremacist ambitions and just want to be left alone and independent of Jewish demands & meddling? No, that can’t be allowed either because goyim exist to serve Jews. It’s just the way of things. Inferior must serve the superior. Besides, how could the Jew World Order function without white agents, experts, and managers doing the bidding of Jews? It’d be like British trying to rule India without the collaboration of brown native elites and others. Gandhi’s civil disobedience showed the Brits couldn’t maintain order without the collaboration of the Indians themselves.

Anyway, in the Jewish mind, their own supremacism is never supremacism but just a ‘spiritual’ fact: Jews are holy and should rule. And because Jews are the sun of humanity, the rest of mankind must never challenge Jewish power and remain within the gravitational orbit of Jewish Power. So, if whites show any sign of their own identity, agency, and territoriality, they are labeled as ‘supremacist’ even though their only desire is white manumission from Jewish Supremacist Power and its wars, terror, and rapacity. It’s like the master in the uppermost stratum denigrating a slave as ‘uppity’ for exhibiting signs of agency. Even though the master is high up, he tags the ‘uppity’ label on someone down below. So, when Jewish supremacists on top call whites ‘supremacist’, it’s just a case of the master calling a slave ‘uppity’.

Human nature is essentially spiritual, and power is essentially theocratic, so when God is taken out of the institution, other/false gods are installed for inspiration. This is why secular education in time became quasi-spiritual and neo-theocratic. Education isn’t merely about skills and knowledge but about moral guidance, and in the absence of God and the difficulty of philosophy, there are the new myths and the idolatry of the ‘woke’. What about rationality and critical thinking? The Power eventually comes to suppress secular criticality in favor of sacrosanct correctness.

Initially, Wasp elites relented to rising Jewish Power because Jewish criticality was so incessant and irreverent of Wasp-imposed correctness. Jews eventually gnawed at the pillars of the Wasp throne until it toppled. But, with Jews firmly in control with their imposition of a new brand of canonical correctness, there is no other group to mount a culture war of aggressive criticality. And why would Jews want a truly critical culture when it may well lead to criticism of Jewish Power? So, Jews, who’d once championed secularism and the separation of Church and State, imbued the new discourse with quasi-spirituality of gods of ‘wokeness’ and ‘Muh Israel’, both of which they control. Yes, Jews control the gods, and that is the biggest challenge in our time.