Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Academic War on Facts - By E. M. Cadwaladr

The government we are currently saddled with is saturated with officials from my generation. We were taught, however subtly, that the standards of truth to which people should be held accountable depend on who they are and what they happen to be saying. The grievances of minority groups, for example, can simply not be questioned. The grievances of non-minority groups (white southerners are a perennial favorite) can be immediately reviled and dismissed. Racism is back with a vengeance -- the difference is that now you will be called racist if you attempt to point it out. Relevant objective facts, like the prevalence of black-on-black crime, are excluded from consideration. Politically acceptable “truth” isn’t to be found in facts, but simply in the recitation of the narrative.
If the current state of things is terrible, the possibilities for the future are nearly unimaginable. What would happen if the self-indulgent, sexually ambiguous thumb-suckers that inhabit university safe-spaces today, demanding trigger warnings so that their hypersensitive feeling aren’t scratched by anything factual, find their way into positions of real authority? These monsters scare even the liberal Professor Frankensteins who created them. Mercifully, we may never know what a world run by student cry-bullies would be like -- but only because it will either collapse or change before they manage to ascend to the throne. In times of real scarcity, the people who put up the front money for university educations (parents, banks, or the Federal government) will figure out that investing money merely to produce unproductive narcissists is not only unprofitable, but redundant work. Even the worst middle school in the poorest inner-city ghetto can make losers out of any human raw material provided, bad or good. Indeed, contemporary culture probably produces losers without any educational assistance at all. Even now, the actual demand for educationally-induced political activism is minuscule. One elite school was all we needed to produce the narcissistic loser that occupies the White House now -- and one of him has been quite enough to nearly bring the country to its knees.