Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Making of a Hard Right-Winger - by Caleb Q Washington

It was a series of three events, along with a rant from Ace of AOSHQ this spring and summer that finally led me to conclude that not only was conservatism inept, but its leaders simply are not interested in moving the country rightward.
The Corker Bill, the reauthorization of the ExIm bank and the “attempted” defunding of Planned Parenthood proved to me the GOP wants to put on a front of conservatism, but ultimately had no use for me or my political desires outside of acquiring my vote. The combination, rather than any one individually, really sealed it for me. They were willing to use every legislative muscle to keep the corporate welfare program. They let other things get killed by the filibuster so they can claim they tried, while knowing they wouldn’t succeed.
At that moment, the failures of the conservative movement came into full light. It is a movement that has, at best, aimed to throw sand into the gears of the progressive machine and at worst served to grease the gears. It is a movement that presumes my support of a 20 years delayed progressivism because current progressives are worse. It is a movement that has failed to stop the continual erosion of American culture, community and values.
While the actual usage is somewhat different, when I first heard the term “Cuckservative”, I interpreted it as a term for conservatives who look on helplessly as their beloved nation is routinely defiled by progressives. It’s the way I’ve come to view the ineptitude of the conservative movement.
Ultimately, where I am now comes back to an earlier point I made. I recognize the history, importance, and frailty of Western civilization. It is my wholehearted belief that it faces an existential threat in progressivism and that the conservative movement is unable to do more than delay its victory.
At this point I’ve gotten to where I stand today. On the right and outside of the conservative movement.