Friday, January 8, 2016

Why Bother if the End is Near? - by Gary DeMar

People have been trying to identify a particular antichrist for centuries. Christopher Hill’s book on the subject just deals with antichrist in seventeenth-century England. (There were many more through the centuries and in other countries.) The candidates included Protestants, the Pope, radical sects, bishops, the Crown, the “‘Establishment’ generally,” the universities, and “the Turk,” an early designation for Muslims:
Richard Montagu proposed the Turk rather than the Pope as Antichrist. This thesis may have been given fresh currency by a Balliol [College] man, Christopher Angelos, a Greek who had suffered at the hands of the Turks and had it revealed to him in a vision that Mahomet was Antichrist.1
As history and the Bible attest, they were all wrong. Bernard McGinn2 and Francis X. Gumerlock3 cover 2000 years of the topic, so other’s foray into the debate isn’t anything new. Like in ages past, today’s antichrist candidates are manufactured from current events rather than from Scripture……….
(Full text at link below.)
I realize that there are many end-time advocates who are engaged in the culture. At the same time, I know that people who have no interest in prophetic speculation are equally disengaged (mostly two-kingdom amillennialists). Still, ideas have consequences. In the case of the prophetic speculators, it breeds worldview schizophrenia. In time, the activists throw up their hands and follow the path of prophetic logic: If all the signs point to the near return of Jesus, and all sorts of bad things are going to happen, including an economic meltdown like the one described by prophecy writers John Hagee (Financial Armageddon) and David Jeremiah (The Coming Economic Armageddon), then why spend my time and resources trying to fight something that is inevitable?
The collapse of humanism is an opportunity for Christians to prepare for what might come and to offer hope and solutions to those who have not prepared. There won’t be a rapture to rescue any of us. Deal with it. The sooner the better.