Sunday, April 17, 2016

2016—The Road Ahead - by By Obie Usategui

In today’s narrative, I promised myself to refrain from going awry in the direction of zealotry and, keep myself, instead bound by the immediate calamities now facing all Americans, regardless of what may ensue from said calamities, albeit with an immense sense of awareness that we are living in radically sui generis times, uniquely marked by unprecedented changes which we never before thought conceivable.

I will preface my assertions by avowing that the United States of America is swiftly becoming a communist state. I repeat, a communist state. For many reasons which I dare not discuss at this stage of the narrative, those now in control of the public opinion—especially the members of the mainstream media—have wisely developed a wide-ranging, all-inclusive, vernacular of deceit, which, throughout time, has taken a life of its own; a lexicon where terms such as liberal, progressive, leftist, socialist and the like, have been inventively reintroduced to the American public as preferred forms of euphemistic substitutes for the terms Marxist and Communist. I personally am utterly repulsed by the hallowing of the word “liberal” as used in the popular vernacular of deceit of the New Order. I take it that the enemy has, in fact, succeeded as even the most outspoken public warriors within the conservative universe of the media world dare not still come to grips with the use of the word “communist or communism” as it pertains to the flagrant displays now made publicly known by a growing brethren of followers of this political ideology within the New Order.
The saddest thing of all, is the fact that it is happening right before our very eyes, while, for unknown reasons, we continue to disavow this political reality. But then again, this assertion has an inherently altruistic presumption of obliviousness to the sad truths now endeavoring to undermine everything that the United States of America stood for, while, in fact, it may be just the opposite—it may just be that nothing of all that is wrong is quite as undetected or unnoticed as we may have thought it was. But rather, a well-organized revolutionary movement, deeply rooted in a radical and militant universe voraciously waiting for the opportunity to take control of the land, much in the same spirit as that embodied by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in their Communist Manifesto of 1848.
Think I am far-off in my presumptions? Think again. Beginning with an ostensibly wholesome Civil Rights movement in the 1960s turned bitter throughout time, by the likes of black leaders that nurture on the seeds of dissention as their mainstay for promoting racial divide; to a hybrid president committed to fundamentally transforming the nation; to a coalition of Islamic radicals committed to destroying American infidels; and everything in-between, the United States of America; that once bastion of liberty, that nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all, is now all but a phantom resemblance of its glorious past.
Again, think I am over my head in my presumptions? Think again, friends. If you are a baby-boomer, born in the decades of the 1940s, could you, at any point in time in your life, have thought that you would see a full-blown communist make a true run for the presidency of the United States of America? Furthermore, could you for a moment conceive, even in your wildest dreams, that a self-declared communist could be a serious contender to the presidency of the United States of America? And could you envision that this unmitigated communist would, in fact, have a serious and wide-spread following among mainstream Americans? The simple unadulterated truth, dear friends, is that it is what it is. Look no further than our presidential race and its democratic candidate Bernie Sanders; look no further than our Manchurian Candidate president Barack Obama; and look no further than everything that is taking place around you…………..