Saturday, April 9, 2016

Fear and Loathing at the Trump Rally - by Gavin McInnes (A good insight into the two contrasting mindsets of Trump/anti-Trump)

We went to the Trump rally in (sorry, “on”) Long Island Wednesday night and it was a blast. He chose Bethpage, which is a relatively blue-collar town, and the rally was in the same airplane hangar they used to build F-14s in. I was with cabdriver comic Jimmy Failla, who was dressed like an ice cream man because he had just done the Kennedy show with me that afternoon, and Staten Island city councilman Joe Borelli, who breezed past us into the VIP section. Jimmy went to the front and I hung back to interview the attendees, but we all reconvened to discuss the event on my show the next day. I was surprised by how incredibly well-informed Trump’s supporters were/are. When Bernie supporters are asked which policy of his they like, they usually say, “All of them” and “It’s hard to choose just one.” When asked what Trump policy they hate, they say, “All of them” and “It’s hard to choose just one.” When I asked Trump supporters what they like about him, they had real answers. Now, this isn’t a reliable poll and it’s possible I’ve been introduced to the best of Trump and the worst of Bernie, but my personal experience has been that the contrast between the two groups is amazing. I’d say 90% of Trump supporters are well-informed and only 10% of Bernie fans are…..

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