Sunday, April 17, 2016

‘Big Governments’ Immigration Game’ game its own citizens - By Judi McLeod

Are governments of the day—like those in the U.S., Britain, Canada, France, Germany and other European countries—gaming the very populations they were elected to serve in what should be publicly identified as ‘Big Governments’ Immigration Game?
While millions knock themselves out on the Internet, hurling insults at the enemy camp in the presidential election primaries, look what Big Government is doing in the U.S.: “The U.S. is aiding business start-ups—for illegal immigrants.” (Fox News, April 16, 2016)….
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How long before communities in North America are overwhelmed?
Where are the contenders running for public office in any country?
In the case of the long-suffering U.S., it’s as if the ever taunting Obama administration is going out of its way to punish Americans all for just having been born in America.
If your government has put you out of a job, you’re on your own, but should you find yourself deported after getting in to America, American tax dollars will put you back on your feet, and even stake you in setting up a new business.
What sense does bankrupting the coal and oil industries, the fishing and forest industries among others and then turning around and providing start-up business seed capital for people deported make?
People thrown out of work by government don’t have the energy to fight governments who leave them jobless. They are far too busy looking for ways to come up with the rent and mortgage this month; getting food on the table for their children. In other words, too busy trying to survive in what present day America has become under Obama’s Fundamental Transformation.
Like most politically correct governments, sprouting up like dandelions around a world walking backwards, Obama’s labels Americans who worry about jihadists posing as immigrants flooding their country as bigots and ‘Islamophobes”. Shouldn’t Obama and his government be labelled as “Ameriphobes”?
In some European countries populations are being virtually overwhelmed by immigrants.
How long before communities in North America are overwhelmed?
In the middle of the political and economic turmoil that is now everyday life in America, people can no longer take living in familiar territory for granted.
The county, state and country they live in are no longer familiar territory.