Thursday, April 21, 2016

Call it Fascism - By Mike Konrad (The best article I have ever read on the subject! - CL)

……In a few words, fascism is crony capitalism with a suppression of civil liberties. Labor and proletarian elements are suppressed, but a sop of social legislation is enacted to keep the lower classes from outright revolt. The degree to which social concessions are made determines whether the fascism is leftist or rightist. Mussolini was more to the right. The Peróns ended up being leftist. In all cases, the philosophy is statist.

Facism is not the free market capitalism of Adam Smith by any means. Smith opposed government interference. Fascism can be viewed as much a form of leftism as rightism -- depending on one's point of view. This is a statist envelope where all groups: rich, poor, unions, capitalists are brought under state control.

Fascism, unlike leftist totalitarians, embraces its own corruption. One does not see the massive purges of party membership dispatched over minor doctrinal differences in political theory. The troublemakers get fired from their jobs first. Buying people off is considered a respectable policy, unlike the left totalitarians which considered suspected dissents too dangerous to live. Only the truly defiant are shot. Fascism often allowed enough managed dissent for people to blow off steam, as long as that dissent was kept feckless. Franco embraced Carlists, monarchists, Phalangists, fascists, right wingers, etc. Fascism worked because, unlike the left, Fascism acknowledges the intrinsic corruption of men. It does not seek to make a "new man," but rather merely seeks to control the old one.

What we have emerging around the world are various flavors of fascism. And dare we say it: This is especially true of the West…….