Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Brainstorm: Free Trade debate - Vox Day

At 7:30 PM Eastern time on Friday, June 17th, I will be debating Free Trade with Austrian economist Robert Murphy. Another notable figure of the Austrian School, Thomas Woods, will moderate the debate concerning the following resolution:

RESOLVED: Free trade is always economically beneficial in the long term, and the more free trade is practiced by a country, the higher the standard of living of its inhabitants will be.

The event is open and you may register for it here. The debate format will be as follows:

10-minute Bob opening statement
10-minute Vox opening statement
3-minute Bob rebuttal
3-minute Vox rebuttal
3 minutes for one Q&A between Bob and Tom
3 minutes for one Q&A between Vox and Tom
5 minutes: Bob asks Vox a question; Vox answers
5 minutes: Vox asks Bob a question; Bob answers
20 minutes: audience questions
3-minute Bob closing statement
3-minute Vox closing statement
1-minute wrap-up by Tom

Please don't bother telling me what you think I should or should not do. You are not debating the subject. I am. The purpose of this post is not to gather new ideas or information. Moreover, it is not fair to the other participant to have multiple parties ganging up on him. Any suggestions or advice concerning free trade will be deleted.