Sunday, June 26, 2016

How and Why Government Forces You to Finance Illegal Immigration - By Michael Bargo, Jr.

As the Supreme Court rejects President Obama’s efforts to issue unconstitutional executive orders with regard to immigration law enforcement, the real issue for American voters is who pays for the benefits illegal immigrants receive. It’s an issue to consider this November.
Illegal immigration was not created by business. Businesses cannot give them drivers licenses, government benefits, or issue unconstitutional executive orders as President Obama has. Only government can get away with those actions. How it forces you to financially support illegal immigrants in the U.S. is the real story.
It costs just as much for illegal immigrants to live in the U.S. as it does for documented immigrants. The price of gasoline is the same, along with food, used cars, and housing. Public education is actually higher for illegal immigrants, up to 50% higher, since illegal immigrants use expensive programs such as English as a Second Language that English-speaking students do not. So the question then becomes, if it’s so expensive to live in the U.S., how do people working at low-paid jobs no one else will do afford cars, housing, education, insurance and other expenses necessary for daily living?
Anyone who states that people earning ten dollars an hour can pay their own way should do a brief review of the expenses of living in the U.S. The Kaiser Health Group states that today it costs $12,000 and more to have one baby. Mexicans make up the majority of illegal immigrants in the U.S., but there are many from Europe and other parts of the world who have overstayed their visas. With regard to family size, it’s important to note that Mexicans today have about twice as many children as white families and one more than black families. The Center for Immigration Studies has recently found that Mexicans are now having slightly smaller families, but regardless of family size, someone has to pay for that $12,000 per child. And, if you are aware of it or not, you are paying for it.
The other big cost is education. In Los Angeles it now costs $25,000 per year to teach one student, more for Hispanics since they use ESL programs. Chicago spends $16,000 per student and New York City $27,000. And these costs don’t include ESL. These three cities are all sanctuary cities that violate Federal law by encouraging illegal immigration. They constantly raise taxes and fees in order to provide illegal immigrants with subsidies for food, housing and education. Since illegal immigrants earn so little money, and are supported by a number of local, state, and Federal programs, you end up being forced to pay for these programs. The Center for Immigration Studies found in 2015 that the average illegal immigrant family receives $6,234 in different benefits, 41% more than native households.
While illegal immigration is based upon violations of the 1996 Immigration Law, there has been a complete lack of obedience to the Constitution in other ways. With regard to financial support the main way the Constitution is violated is through misappropriation of funds, a U.S. Code Title 18 felony.
The money spent on illegal immigrants comes from several main sources. Those ever-higher fees you have to pay for cable TV, utilities, gasoline, property taxes and the other necessities of daily life are in part subsidies for illegal immigration. And much of these higher costs go to pay for the government employees, particularly teacher union members, who are paid to teach the children. It’s a little known but very crucial fact that today one of every four children of school age is Hispanic and their number is the only number growing. If not for illegal immigrant children many school systems would have to cut back on the number of teachers. This also directly impacts their Federal and state subsidies. And since public-school teachers pay union dues, and these union dues are a major source of campaign contributions at local, state, and Federal levels, there is a direct connection between political power and the number of illegal immigrant children.
Recently there has been a dramatic increase in the number of children entering the U.S. illegally through the southern border. The reason for this is that children are the cash cow of public teacher unions. They then act as the foundation of political power. So the extra taxes, fees, and debt created by government to support illegal immigrants is a subsidy of political power. These taxes and fees then force you to support the one party, the Democrat Party, that is the sole beneficiary of all these public sector union campaign contributions.
This is why sanctuary cities and states, particularly those that created sanctuary policy in the beginning, are all run by Democrats. This is technically a violation of your First Amendment right of free speech since SCOTUS has already ruled that campaign contributions are a form of speech. This is another way that illegal immigration violates the Constitution, other than at the direct violation caused by the fact that only Congress has the authority to establish a uniform rule of naturalization.
Another way government has devised to pay for illegal immigrant is to divert money appropriated for city and state services to illegal immigrants. This creates a shortfall that states and cities make up by issuing  bonds. The explosion of spending on illegal immigrants, as well as the explosion of retirement costs of public sector workers, are the reasons why municipal bond debt has skyrocketed in the past ten years and is now driving some cities and states into bankruptcy. While no state has yet had to confront bankruptcy in Federal court, the passage of time only increases interest costs, it never reduces them.
Public sector union pension costs are also driven by illegal immigration. And in states like Illinois state law puts priority on payments to municipal pensions. These are enforced through state law. So a city that cannot afford its annual pension contributions will have the state declare it is delinquent and can divert state grant money to the pension funds. This is why Chicago’s mayor recently cut back on mental health facilities. Public pensions have, in IL state law, priority even though they say they are devoted to helping children and the disabled.
Other hidden costs are in property taxes. Illinois now has ten cities, including Chicago, where the entire property tax payment goes only to pensions, not services. This lack of revenue prompted Democrats to pass the stimulus programs and Recovery Act. So it ends up in the national debt. The exact amount of national debt created by illegal immigration has yet to be honestly audited.
Should Hillary Clinton become president there is no doubt that she will issue further executive orders to violate Federal law and force you to subsidize more illegal immigrants.