Monday, June 13, 2016

Trump's Double-Barreled Shotgun Strategy - By James Lewis

We've argued from the beginning that Trump is conducting a brilliant psy-war strategy against the enemy media* like the New York Times. 
It's really brilliant, because it's double-barreled.
Let's call it Trump's double-barreled shotgun strategy.  Today we can we see how he is implementing it, day by day. 
Trump's generalship is fabulous.  He has probably used his DBS strategy before in his showbiz and business careers.  I don't know.  But you can watch it evolve from day to day. 
You decide if his DBS strategy works.  I think it's George Patton against the Panzer Brigades. 
Here's how it goes. 
The media have two or three war weapons against us. 

1. Media War Weapon #1.
They ignore your existence.  You don't exist. 
That is the normal fate of Republican candidates. 
But the media can't ignore Trump, because he is dropping news bombs every single day.  Every other day, they think they've finally got him – he's dead as a doornail – only to find out that he's got a different news bomb the next day.  They can't not make him famous.  So they made him famous enough to beat Jeb Bush and the whole Bush Republican Machine, while hating every single fiber of Trump's being.
Fabulous.  Trump won the primaries. 

2. Media Weapon #2. 
They smear and tar you any way they can: you're a wife-beater, child-abuser, sex maniac, axe-murderer, on and on. 
They have absolutely no conscience about that.  That is key, because you have a conscience, but they have been carefully trained not to have a conscience.  You can do that to people with enough cult indoctrination in the schools, colleges, and mass media. 
The radical left constantly uses hate indoctrination, because leftists have been drilled and drilled into the Biggest Lie on Earth: that you can create love and peace by spreading hate to destroy your fantasy enemy.
That lie has been used by every single totalitarian cult since Charlie Manson.  (And long, long before.)  It's basic demagogy, as described by the ancient Greeks.
It's not that the left believes that you are a racist.  Don't misunderstand.  La Raza and Jeremiah Wright are much more racist than you could possibly be.  They don't care about what people feel about race.  That's not their goal at all. 
No: they don't have to know anything about you at all. 
The sole purpose of race-baiting is intimidation.  They want you to cower and surrender, step by step.  Most Americans want to be very nice, so they are natural victims of mass media guilt-tripping.  Evidence of racism is the last thing they care about. 
You can't possibly argue against the left, because you think logically, and they don't. 
It's simple and ruthless, sociopathic and malignant.  It's evil. 
For the left, "racism" is a weapon, not an accusation.  Leftists are making war on you and on your country, and they want you to die or surrender completely. 
You and I  think like reasonable people, who can look at evidence and reasoning.
"Reason"?  "Evidence?"  It's not in their armory.  Armories are for killing weapons, not for an honorable debate.  Honor?  Honesty?  Fairness?  Leftists kill that off at the start of indoctrination. 
Obama's instruction to his Chicago troops in the first election: "Remember, if they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun." 
That's what this administration does, every single day.  Paul Ryan has obviously gotten that treatment more than once.  Ryan has mentally surrendered to Obama, who employs intimidation tactics personally, ruthlessly, against any opposition.  Remember, Obama is a Marxist-Leninist-Jihadist.  Those people don't reason with you.  If you don't obey, you're dead.  They think it is a war (that is indeed what "revolution" means to Marx and to jihadists.)  In war you don't discuss things with the enemy.  First you defeat them, and then you dictate terms.  That's all. 
The trouble is that Strategy Number 1 (above) contradicts Number 2.  They can't call you a "baby-killer" as they did LBJ and Nixon (see Number 2) without recognizing your existence (Number 1). 
Trump is therefore being outrageous every single day to fight Left Strategy Number 1.  He succeeds in getting all the screaming headlines, while poor Jeb! Bush spent tens of millions to get 2% of the vote.  Pathetic. 
And every day, our cowed congressional Republicans are fainting from shock and fright.  Poor dears. 
As we can tell from Speaker Ryan's recent surrender to P.C., Republicans have internalized the Racist Smear.  Constant beatings with that Big Stick will turn you into a sniveling coward, a sufferer of the infamous Stockholm surrender syndrome – which is now being practiced all over Europe: Germany, Brussels, Paris, all over the place.
Euro-pols now surrender when a Muslim looks at them cross-eyed, exactly the way they looked with fear in their eyes at Hitler and Stalin.  Both Hitler and Stalin worked hard to inspire fear, so that no continental nation in Europe could resist them, even before a shot was fired. 
Fear-mongering came before the invasions, which may be why the Saudis and Turks covertly support ISIS.  They understand the uses of fear.  Those ISIS snuff videos inspire fear in rational people.  They are supposed to.  That's their purpose. 
Euro-politician: Great Emir, shall we – 300 million rich and powerful Europeans – shall we surrender now or later?
Jihad: We think we'll let you hang there until you rot.
Europe: Yes, Emir.  To be sure, Emir.  Is there anything else we can do for you?  Would you like our firstborn children?
Jihad: Give us 200 mosques and all the women on the street.
Germany: Yes, Emir.  To be sure, Emir.  How would like to rape them, on the street or wrapped in a take-home bag?
Jihad: Who cares?  Submit to Allah, you kuffar!
And they did.  Amazing. 
Look at Angela Merkel, the Swedes, the French, the whole cowardly crew.
We have defended Europe's sorry hides since 1949, and they simply cannibalized their own defenses, to buy Muslim welfare votes.  This is not hard to understand.  It keeps going on, and when any European nation tries to protest, the European Union tells it to think again and try to get it right this time.  The EU is soft tyranny, which works pretty well when you own the media and the politicians.  Europeans don't vote for powerful politicians anymore.  They vote for figureheads, who obey the Permanent Government in Brussels.  EU elections are a delusion.  The Ruling Class call it their "Democracy Deficit."  Really.)
Back to Trump.  Now, all good liberals hate his guts, so how is he going to get enough votes to win?  That's the Paul Ryan fear.  Nobody can win without bowing to P.C., can he?  Ryan has surrendered himself, and he can't figure out how Trump could possibly win. 
The reason is that Ryan is a good policy guy, but he doesn't talk to normal Americans (except his relatives at Christmas, and then they avoid politics and religion.)
Trump talks to people – in New York, in the restaurant, on the street – over and over again until he gets what they believe.  He talks to Rudy Giuliani, who also talks to people.  Harvard policy wonks don't do that very often.  Businesspeople still have to talk to regular people.  Harvard grads don't, as you can tell from Obama.  Ivies live in a world of their own, mostly.  They are right, and you are wrong, and that's all there is to it. 
It's just like Obama, who probably hasn't seriously talked to real people in his life.  He's always lived in a cult, from childhood onward.  Jerry Wright runs a cult.  Frank Marshall Davis represented the Stalin CPUSA cult in Hawaii, controlled by the Stalin Comintern in Moscow.  Michelle grew up in the Jesse Jackson cult in Chicago – narrow, mind-controlling bunkers with big walls against the real world. 
Trump has discovered the obvious fact that most Americans hate P.C. propaganda  Most Americans do not believe they are racists.  Most Americans know they are ordinary, decent people, and when they run into a raving racist, they shun him for life.  As a result, Americans are very, very angry at P.C. accusations, which they know to be false. 
Regular people get the leftist slant in the media.  They are yearning for a leader who will tell the truth.  You can hear them in the thousands in football stadiums chanting, "USA!  USA!"  That's a protest, but the delusional left thinks it's "Heil Hitler!" 
Really.  Google it if you don't believe it.  The left is delusional, and delusion is what defines psychosis.  Cults are easy to make delusional, because cult members are taught not to believe any information from outside the cult.  That's the big secret.  Cut off the family, cut off any dissenters, keep drilling the cult story into everybody's heads, and yes, you can really control people.  Cult victims really lose contact with reality. 
So how does Trump deal with Speaker Ryan's nightmare?  Is Trump going to go down in flames because he isn't bowing to the credo of P.C.? 
Nope.  Look at the votes he's got so far.  Look at the Reagan Democrats he's reached with his double-barreled shotgun strategy.  His voters are furiously signaling that they like this guy, because he tells the truth as they know it.  Trump supports what regular people believe, and he does it out loud, every single day.
Our cult media simply don't get it.  The GOPe doesn't get it.  The editorial board of the New York Times, in its higher wisdom, is completely baffled.  Its members think Hitler is on the march, because that's all they can think.  In fact, Trump is following every popular American politician in history.  He is affirming this country, not sneering and smearing Americans and the country they love.
What a concept.  It just dazzles the Ruling Class. 
A lot of Mexican-Americans are also intuitive people.  They don't like La Raza racists because they are more tolerant and accepting than Razistas.  Razistas are Fascistas, and they know it.  So Trump gets Hispanic votes, Puerto Rican votes, Texas votes, and New York votes.  Look at the primaries. 

Prediction: Trump is going to win by appealing to American common sense. 
* A note on "enemy media": Don't forget that "enemy" is what Saul Alinsky called the American middle class in the sixties.  HillaryBama have used that label for the majority of Americans for at least half a century.
They started it, and we get to use that word, too.