Saturday, August 12, 2017

I’ve Had Enough - By Jack Perry

I’m 50, unemployed, and poor. Okay? I don’t give a damn about whether or not Bashar al-Assad runs Syria, about Russia, or any of these other so-called political concerns I’m told to have by the Democratic Party who has learned the sum total of absolutely nothing in the 2016 election. When it was revealed the election of 2016 was more about economic concerns than anything else, the Democrats vowed to work on that—the promptly forgot it and blamed the loss on Russia. Despite the fact that Russia has not laid off Americans or contributed to poverty in the United States.

I am tired of Democrats who assume I’ll vote for them because I’m poor. They’re toying with a new 2018 campaign slogan that says, “Have You Seen The Other Guys?” Yes, actually, I have seen the other guys. And you know what? You’re as bad as they are. When people can’t afford Obamacare, you tell them, “You should get a better job”. Just like Republicans would say. When people want the individual mandate repealed because they don’t want to be penalized for not being able to afford your so-called “affordable” health care, what do you say? “People need to take personal responsibility for their health care!” Amazing! Because that is exactly what the Republicans say whenever the concept of single payer health care comes up! You guys cheat by copying one another’s homework.

The Democrats have Kamala Harris attend some hush-hush meeting up in the Hamptons and assume I can’t see through this charade of another wealthy, privileged individual who’ll allegedly understand the things I struggle with. Really? So Kamala wonders how she’ll afford her medication? Kamala knows how to eat on $20 a week because she has to? Kamala shops for clothes at thrift stores? I see the Democrats are just doing business as usual. Providing another pre-picked candidate who would be a high-profile banking executive if she hadn’t chosen politics to express her privileged status.

The Democrats run a good game, I’ll give that to them. People think they’re somehow different from Republicans when, in fact, they’re not. Both of these parties connive and fool two segments of the working class into voting for them. Urban working class voters vote for the Democrats and rural working class voters vote for Republicans and all of them get soundly screwed collectively no matter who wins. It also makes sure the shell game of popular vote and electoral vote provide the perfect imbalance for the genuine needs of all. Russia does not need to rig a U.S. election when both political parties have proven themselves more than capable of doing so themselves without outside help.

I love how Democrat and Republican politicians both tell voters to man the phones and call in about this or that issue to make sure it gets passed or repealed. Excuse me, but were you not elected to represent the voters in your districts? You should already know what your district wants and vote accordingly. But you don’t know and, besides all of that, you have no idea how the people in your districts live. None of you does without health care. None of you go to the food bank. None of you drive on bald tires, or even drive yourselves for that matter. None of you know how I live and, therefore, I will not waste my time calling your offices where you sit on the phone chatting with bankers and defense contractors promising to deliver payola.

I even hear Democrats who want Hillary to run in 2020. Now here America has told you they don’t want her, but no. You insist on trying to cram Hillary down the throat of America and when you lose that election, you’ll blame Russia again. Brilliant. Meanwhile, the poor get poorer and you don’t actually give a damn or you’d have run a candidate that put people before party. Not one of you knows how to do that because the party is power and you’re all addicted to it like the power junkies you are. “Oh, he sounds angry…” You’re damn right I’m angry and none of your so-called “free press” actually report the news or the truth, either, because all of you have lost touch with the truth a long time ago.
All these games get played, all these wars get started, and hundreds of thousands die, and for what?!

For what, I ask you?! What, you think Trump started this horrific slaughter in Syria and Yemen? What, Trump got inaugurated and suddenly wars broke out in Yemen and Syria? No! Your all-wise, all-knowing President Obama contributed to this slaughter and you all sat there nodding your heads with peace symbol stickers on your Priuses. You bunch of hypocrites! You’re as bad as the Republicans with their “regime change” crap and “We’re bring democracy to the Middle East!” As if the Middle East sat there for thousands of years longer than the United States even existed, saying, “Gosh, we wish someone would bring us democracy.” No! You’ve brought them wholesale death and destruction! The biggest export America has is death! The creation of widows and orphans!

Hundreds of thousands dead and none of you can even admit to the woefully tragic mistakes all of you have made. That hundreds of thousands died and Assad remained in power despite Obama’s vows that he must step down. Those people died for nothing. Because American promises of democracy amount to nothing. Just ask those of us here allegedly living under it with our own rigged elections we accuse Assad of running and the poverty inflicted on us so American defense contractors can get rich. The entire United States government and both political parties are mass murderers on a scale that dwarfs Caligula and Nero. Is it any wonder why federal buildings here look like the Roman Empire built them? And the United States doesn’t treat the Middle East any better than they did.

I’ve heard this crap since 1980. I could pave a path to the moon with the promises. And they promise the moon, too. Or was that a NASA mission to Mars. To see what? The galactic equivalent of Death Valley but not as interesting. “Oh, sorry you’re poor. Here, have a mission to Mars.” I wish all of you would board the ship and go to Mars and stay there. But there’s probably some environmental law against dumping toxic waste on Mars, so you’ll wiggle out of exile that way. Not that any of you have the courage to go any of the hellholes you send people to in order to glorify yourselves and gloat as if you’d done it and not them. Just look at the wars you idiots start or decide to join. We’ve been in Afghanistan now going into the last half of its second decade.

No, I’m done. Run this show without me. I’ve had enough.
Jack Perry [send him mail] is a writer, journalist, and the author of "Regime Change You Can Believe In". He lives with his wife in the Sonoran Desert where he writes, reads, walks the desert, and abstains from political party participation. When the government is speaking or acting, Jack observes his own Rule Number One: Always Assume It's A Scam. A perennial desert rat, wayfarer, and path pilgrim, Jack also enjoys silence---especially from the government. Follow him on Twitter: TheRealJackPerry@RegimeChangeInc.