Sunday, August 27, 2017

Vox Popoli: "Police have disappeared"

From Twitter:

"Police have completely disappeared from #Berkeley. People getting beaten up. Red flags being waved in the air."

This is a surprise? Again? Really?

What part of "when seconds count, the police are 20 minutes away" failed to register with gun-owning conservatives?

  1. The police have ZERO responsibility to protect you. None. This is settled case law. Never, ever, count on police protection from anything.
  2. The police work for the local mayor. The local mayor's political allegiances dictate how the police will be utilized.
  3. This marks the third time - at least - that police protection has been proffered and then withdrawn.
  4. Street rallies serve no positive purpose, although they can be effectively used to demonstrate a) the politicization of the police as well as b) the violent lawlessness of the Alt-Left.