Friday, November 10, 2017

Never Depend on the Cops - By Chuck Baldwin

Here we go again.
In this column on October 12, I wrote:
The next shooting (and there will be another one) will be worse than Las Vegas. They will not stop until America is disarmed OR until the American people awaken to what is happening and demand that the light of truth start shining on the dark forces behind these atrocities.
The church shooting in Texas is the first installment of my prediction above. But it certainly will not be the last.
The narrative is always the same: a lone gunman opens fire upon a crowd of helpless, defenseless people, resulting in the deaths and wounding of many; the gunman then kills himself before police arrive; and the call for more gun control crescendos. There is another common denominator of these shootings: they never make sense. Oh, there is still another one: certain eyewitnesses report the presence of multiple shooters. Ah, yes, there is one more common denominator: people on both ends of the political spectrum try to use the shooting for their own parochial political agendas. These are constants.

Let’s see how the Texas shootings match up.
  1. A lone gunman opens fire upon a crowd of helpless, defenseless people resulting in the deaths and wounding of many.
The Texas shooting is a perfect match.
Reportedly, 26-year-old Devin Patrick Kelley stormed the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas (about 30 miles Southeast of San Antonio) and opened fire with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, killing 26 and wounding around 20 others.
We are told that Kelley had attended the church several times; that he had a running feud with his wife’s mother and grandmother (who was killed in the rampage) who attended the church; that he started his attack by shooting through the front and sides of the church building before moving inside the building and continuing shooting; and that he reloaded 15 magazines during the assault. If he was using 30-round magazines, it means he fired upwards of 450 rounds into the church. Estimates of the duration of the shootings range between 4 – 10 minutes. Four or five minutes is probably more realistic.
Apparently, no one inside the church was armed, as there are no reports of anyone firing back at the attacker until Kelley left the church and an armed neighbor had a brief exchange of gunfire with the killer outside the church, reportedly wounding him at least twice—after which the killer got in his vehicle and sped away.
  1. The gunman then kills himself before police arrive.
This, too, appears to be a perfect match.
We are told that the armed neighbor who shot the killer got in another neighbor’s vehicle, and the two men sped after the murderer. After several miles of high-speed pursuit, the killer crashed his vehicle. The courageous armed citizen following the killer got out with his rifle and commanded the man to come out of the vehicle. The killer didn’t respond and was motionless (dead) inside the car. When police arrived 5 – 7 minutes later, they confirmed that the shooter was dead in the vehicle.
Some early reports suggested that the killer might have expired from the wounds he received from the armed neighbor outside the church. But now officials are saying that the attacker killed himself with a shot to the head.
  1. The call for more gun control crescendos.
Of course, this is happening as we speak.
  1. They (these mass shootings) never make sense.
The Texas shooting is no exception.
What would cause any American citizen to take a firearm (or any other type of weapon) and start killing people indiscriminately? Such a horrific act defies all understanding and reason. It simply is not in the hearts of people to do such things. Something has to take place to dramatically and completely eradicate man’s natural instincts. For lack of a better way to say it, somehow the person’s brain must be “cross wired” to remove all feelings of natural empathy and replace it with SOMETHING that motivates him to callously take the lives of even women and children. This does not “just happen” naturally.
In the Texas shootings, Devin Kelley had attended the church several times. This was a small rural church, which means Kelley no doubt got to know many of the names and faces of the people in this congregation. He saw them sing and laugh; he heard them pray; he watched the little children run and play. Reports say Kelley killed crying babies at point blank range. There is nothing in nature that allows for a man to do what this man did. It makes no sense!
Of course, there are many theories abounding that attempt to answer this question. Many are saying he had a violent temper and had physically abused his two wives. He was court martialed in 2012 for an assault on his wife—and for “violently shaking” his stepson. He was also accused of making threats against military officers and received a bad conduct discharge from the United States Air Force in 2014. As previously noted, he apparently had an ongoing dispute with his mother-in-law, even sending her threatening text messages. And friends say the shooter posted a lot of “anti-God” rhetoric on his Facebook page (which has been taken down by authorities).
If all of that is true, we learn that 1) he had an anger management problem, and 2) he was bitter against God. I have to tell you, I can think of scores of people I have met in my rather lengthy life about which the same two things could be said.
When I was in the seventh grade, I had an English teacher (a large man about 6’ 6’’ tall and weighing about 400 pounds) grab me by the arm in class one day and shake me almost senseless. (I don’t think I even told my father about the incident.) If I didn’t suffer a concussion, it was a miracle. Of course, back in those days, no one paid any attention to such things. This man was also a Sunday School teacher in the Baptist church where my family and I attended. This man had an extreme dislike for my father, and I guess one day he decided to take it out on me. That fellow had an anger management problem to beat the band. But he didn’t kill me or the entire seventh grade class.
Plus, I cannot count the number of times that people have threatened to kill me. But so far no one has—I don’t think.
I’ve known people from virtually every religious affiliation, conservatives and liberals, and Republicans, Democrats and Independents who would easily fall into the category of having anger management issues or anti-God bitterness issues—or both. None of them became a mass killer—or a killer of any kind, for that matter.
What is able to “cross wire” a person’s brain to go from having “issues” (whatever they are) to becoming a mass shooter? From my studies, only two things: 1) demonic possession or 2) government-sponsored mind control programs (that always include the use of drugs and torture). Number two requires government handlers, which leads me to the next common denominator:
  1. Eyewitnesses report the presence of multiple shooters.
It happened again in Texas.
A local NBC television station interviewed one of the victims who was wounded in the Texas church attack swearing that a shooter shot the congregants from the roof with a shotgun. See her testimony here:
Granted, untrained people in a crisis/panic situation often see and hear things that don’t happen. I’ll give you that. And that might be what is going on with this woman. But she said the man was shooting the congregation through the roof. Obviously, this conflicts with testimony that the killer started by shooting through the walls and front door before entering the sanctuary. She also said the man was firing a shotgun. This means that either this poor soul doesn’t know the difference between a rifle and a shotgun (could she really be from Texas?) and that she was imagining shots coming from the roof or . . . there was a second shooter.
In every covert government false flag attack, the mind-controlled, Manchurian Candidate-type patsy MUST have a handler—or maybe several handlers. First, to make sure the patsy carries out the assignment, and secondly, to make sure the patsy isn’t left alive to talk about it.
The Texas shooter was able to leave the scene alive, suggesting that either a handler failed his assignment (improbable) or there wasn’t a handler there, which would probably rule out this being a government false flag operation. Then again, the presence of the brave citizen neighbor who confronted the attacker with his own rifle could have interrupted a handler’s plan.
If it wasn’t a government-sponsored false flag operation, Devin Kelley was under the domination of demonic forces.  
I realize that hardly anyone in modern America wants to talk about (or even think about) demonic possession, but its reality cannot be denied. I believe there are many people living under the influence of demonic possession, and most of them never become mass murderers—except through the wars they create. After all, government wars kill more innocent people than all of the Al Capones, John Dillingers, and Devin Kelleys of the entire world put together.
The last common denominator:
  1. People on both ends of the political spectrum try to use the shooting for their own parochial political agendas.
Again, the Texas shooting is no exception.
People on the left are quick to accuse “right-wing Christians” or gun owners or Trump Republicans, etc., and people on the right are quick to accuse “Muslim extremists” or Black Lives Matter or George Soros socialists, etc. It seems that hardly anyone is able to take an objective, rational approach to these tragedies. Instead, they try to use these tragedies to make points with their political donors and supporters.
Regardless of what actually made Devin Kelley kill these precious people, this much is absolutely clear:
First, we need to demand that our State and federal legislatures remove existing gun control laws and completely expunge gun-free zones. That the American people need to start demanding the elimination of gun control laws and gun-free zones immediately is now a matter of life and death.
Second, the American people need to arm themselves and bear those arms in every public gathering in which they attend. No public crowd is safe: restaurants, shopping centers, malls, concerts, political rallies, seminars, churches—anywhere a crowd is gathered—are now targets for mass attacks.
Whether the perpetrators are “lone wolf” demon-possessed people or mind-controlled executioners of the dark side of government doesn’t matter: the victims are just as dead either way. It is now absolutely obligatory that EVERYONE who is mature enough—and physically capable—be armed, know how to use those arms effectively, and be diligent to always carry those arms in public.
It is not enough to say we believe in the Second Amendment; it is time for the American people to get serious about keeping and BEARING arms everywhere they go.
One armed citizen chased away the Texas killer. Yet, after being told exactly where the fleeing killer was located, police didn’t show up for some 5 – 10 minutes AFTER the shooter had killed himself. Face it, folks: cops are totally incapable of protecting us. We either arm and protect ourselves or we are helpless chattel.
It’s time for the American people to stop giving these mass shooters so many shots! A few dead shooters at the hands of armed citizens—with limited casualties due to the prevalence of arms in any public gathering—would put a stop to this nonsense.
Personal aversion to a firearm is no longer an excuse. Your life and the lives of your loved ones are at stake. There are plenty of courteous and knowledgeable firearm instructors that can teach you everything you need to know to be able to defend yourself and your loved ones.
We need to add one more common denominator to these shootings: from the time the attacker tries to open fire, he gets shot by an armed citizenry.  
To Americans everywhere: stop depending on government, and start defending yourselves!
P.S. Once again, I invite readers to get the book that my constitutional attorney son and I wrote entitled “To Keep or Not To Keep: Why Christians Should Not Give Up Their Guns.”
Pastors and churches all over America are falling prey to the gun control agenda, and they try to use the Bible to justify it. But the Bible teaches no such thing. This book is not written from a constitutional perspective (as important as that is) but from the perspective of Natural and Revealed Law (the Scriptures)—which is infinitely more important.
I know of no other book like it. This book is a classic defense of the right to keep and bear arms in the tradition of America’s Founding Fathers and Colonial pulpits.
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