Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Richard Scarry, converged - by Vox Day

Remember, there is nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, the SJWs consider too sacrosanct to soil. In fact, the more sacred you hold it, the more eager they are to destroy it.
A much loved children's story book has had a revamp to make it more politically correct, including placing a male bunny in the kitchen helping his wife. 'The Best Word Book Ever' by US author Richard Scarry was first published in 1963, but over the years the illustrations have been gradually tweaked to bring the book up to speed with modern times.

The colourful illustrations of rosy cheeked pigs in police uniforms and rabbits getting the children ready for school are very much the same, but 'policeman', 'fireman' and 'handsome pilot' have been changed to unisex titles such as 'firefighter'.

Male characters are also pictured looking after children and cooking, whilst female characters have been given careers such as farming and labouring.

I wonder what was the purpose of this atrocity against history? Ah yes, that old standby, inclusivity!