Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Vox Popoli: Lower IQ, declining productivity

More of the unseen benefits of mass immigration altering US demographics:

Evidence from the American Time Use Survey 2003-12 suggests the existence of small but statistically significant racial/ethnic differences in time spent not working at the workplace. Minorities, especially men, spend a greater fraction of their workdays not working than do white non-Hispanics. These differences are robust to the inclusion of large numbers of demographic, industry, occupation, time and geographic controls. They do not vary by union status, public-private sector attachment, pay method or age; nor do they arise from the effects of equal-employment enforcement or geographic differences in racial/ethnic representation. The findings imply that measures of the adjusted wage disadvantages of minority employees are overstated by about 10 percent.

White men are more productive on average. This isn't news to anyone who actually works in the labor force or is familiar with national productivity statistics. The good news is that at least it isn't racist. White women are less productive too.

But it is one more piece of evidence showing that immigration is NOT good for the economy. It is, however, good for white contractors.

Subway-repair contracts had to be issued and work performed as emergency repairs to every leg of the DC Metro train system this summer. Populated 92% Black, every maintenance job up to the most specialized engineering positions are held by Blacks, who cannot perform said work. Like women in the Navy, they hold the job, knock down the pay and benefits, but someone else has to do the work under contract.