Monday, February 12, 2018

Donald Trump is Forcing American Blacks to Pick a Side - By L.E. Ikenga

It’s the grandest scale twist of fate that I have ever witnessed in my lifetime. Donald Trump's war against media corruption and manipulation is about to have a whole lot of unintended consequences, and there will be Hell to pay when the time for reparation comes.  A 71 year-old half-German, half-Scottish white billionaire from Jamaica, New York  is exposing the myriad lies, contradictions, and logical fallacies that have shaped generations of Americans concerning their views on race and culture.  
The most heinous reality that the straight-shooting 45th POTUS has uncovered is this: a good portion of the leftist media see most blacks and other dark-skinned minorities as sub-humans; and whether he knows it or not, Donald Trump is coming very close to removing, once and for all, the carefully and artfully applied paint from the face of a Beast that has been masquerading as Truth and Justice for far too long.
By goading the leftist media into talking about cultural issues that they really don't understand, the president has laid a trap and is exposing what has been obvious to traditional Americans with even the most basic common sense. And in so doing he is demonstrating that the so-called intellectual prowess of many in the leftist media is nothing but an illusion. And nowhere is the agenda-driven and shoddy analysis of these leftists more evident than when they talk about black people or anything concerning them.
The message is always clear -- black issues, be they domestic or international, simply do not warrant a sophisticated and thoughtful approach. On most cable and network news, and in the big city papers, no matter the headline, black problems always boil down to the same thing: blacks and browns have been used and abused, and it's all white people's fault. This is the sham that the media, with the willingness of many blacks in America, have been propping up for the world to see and believe for eons.
But Donald Trump -- by the agency of his statements about American football players who have shown outright disrespect towards the nation's flag and towards a military that protects them; or his alleged remarks about crap-hole nations such as Haiti and many in Africa, and America's need to find ways to curtail immigration from such countries; and his continued pledges to put an end to the economic stagnation that has virtually destroyed most black enclaves throughout the country -- is forcing blacks to pick a side. Donald Trump is the first American president to invite blacks in America, unabashedly, to get off of their distressed and culturally sinking ships and commit themselves once and for all to the Western Tradition.
He is basically asking, "black America, are you citizens of the West or not?" The problem, however, is that most blacks are clueless about the cultural sea change that is taking place in this country because the subtext of what is happening is never, ever publicly discussed, and thus  completely beyond their comprehension. This is exactly why the malevolent media elites continue to use blacks as dupes for their leftist and anti-American causes. In other words, this is why they see blacks as sub-humans. 
Based on my own experiences with a great variety of black folks in this country, Europe, and in Africa, I feel confident in saying this: most of these people know absolutely nothing about the diverse histories, ethnic cultures, and traditions that were organized and made coherent by the three cornerstones of the West -- ancient Greece, Rome, and Jerusalem. And when I say nothing, I mean absolutely nothing. America is the de-facto heir to a Judeo-Christian civilization whose roots began over 2,500 years ago, and these roots formed the very cultural bedrock of this country. But most blacks do not understand this. It is therefore simply impossible for them to appreciate the many gains that they have inherited by the very fact that they are legal citizens of the West. 
It is a sad and taboo truth that the masses of poorly educated blacks in this country for the last two generations are basically culturally illiterate, with many now bordering on functional illiteracy. What this means is that blacks as a whole do not have a historical, literary, or philosophical context for understandinganything outside of their own so-called black experiences. Therefore, any talk of a Western Tradition, its achievements and how America, is definitively a part of this Tradition is not only seen as irrelevant and an outrageous proposition by most blacks, it's viewed as down-right "racist."
Traditional Americans must begin to face the fact that leftist, culture-destroying blacks, especially in light of the Obama presidency, will now always see any mainstream cultural institution, built on the foundations of an inherited Western Tradition in which they are not represented in disproportionately large numbers, as inherently racist; and they will not rest until they have infiltrated all of these institutions making sure that they exist in stark contrast to their original founding missions. This phenomenon is already taking place in the arts and letters,boarding school culturehigher education, urban politics, and of course mainstream media. Anyone who believes that the Occupy Movement is over is basically walking around with eyes wide shut. The Movement is here to stay, and this is just the beginning. These infiltrators are part of Legions. 
Throughout their post-slavery and post-colonial histories, blacks in America have always been easy targets for elitist cabals that have sought to use their ignorance for power and profit. Be it the post-bellum carpetbagger Northerners of the Reconstruction era; the Pan-African Congresses that began at the turn of the 20th century, which were headed by notable black socialists such as W.E.B. Dubois; or the current line-up of leftist pedants who hold coveted tenured positions at America’s top universities by day, while moonlighting on gilded media stages at night peddling their most updated versions of critical race theory to intellectually lazy audiences, it’s obvious that black ignorance is big business.
Blacks in America have lost and keep losing the various battles that have been waged for the control of their minds. Donald Trump knows this, and he wants it to stop. In addition to an economic revival that has the potential to engage and inspire even the most financially challenged groups in this country, it is also becoming increasingly obvious that he is urging all citizens of this nation towards an ethnically inclusive cultural restoration of Judeo-Christian principles and ideals that are united to the uniquely American project – that is the pursuit of Life, Liberty, and Happiness.
But not only is this proposal anathema to the leftist media, more abhorrent to them is what Donald Trump clearly represents: one of the last remaining influential gatekeepers of the Western Tradition.
When news of President Trump’s alleged remarks about Haiti and African countries first broke across the mainstream media outlets, without hesitation, the most notable taking heads on screen went into severe meltdown mode, the comments sending most of these talkers into apoplectic fits as they regurgitated, almost non-stop, the words “racist” and “bigot.”
As someone who has not only lived but who has family in one of the countries that President Trump supposedly spoke about, I was beside myself with laughter as I watched the American commentariat go out of its way to praise the greatness of Haiti and the African nations while emphasizing the president’s “ignorance” regarding the so-called developed and modern constitutions of these countries. Everywhere you tuned in, the narrative was the same -- these countries that the president denounced were actually developed in their own right and were filled with peace-loving and resilient people. But because they were black, the president hated them.
Needless to say, many of the screen talkers were not only wrong, as thisAmerican Thinker writer candidly pointed out, but their erroneous logic provoked people like me to ask the question:  
“By what and whose standards did these commenters consider Haiti and the African countries to be developed?”
Forgive me for pointing out the obvious, but in all of my travels to West Africa, I cannot ever remember staying at Hilton or Sheraton Hotel chain whose concept was thought into existence by the genius of the black Africans themselves. Just look at this Trip Advisor LLC website for hotels in a West African country. Not one of them would be there without the vision, financial commitment, and productivity of people like Donald Trump. This is a fact.
Here is another fact: the best that the modern, post-colonial African or Caribbean person has learned how to do is copy a prototype that was originated either here in America or in Europe. This goes not only for hotels, it goes for university degrees, all forms of business and industry, careers in high profile professions such as law and medicine, technology, and the media itself. The list goes on and on. The bottom line is this: I have never ridden in a car or used a smartphone that was developed, from concept to production, in Africa or Haiti. That’s because no such thing exists.
This should be as clear as day to anyone who has ever traveled to any underdeveloped nation. These countries are underdeveloped because they do not control the ideas, means, or resources by which they are able to elevate their standards of living. The ideas, means, and resources by which these countries can be developed are in large part controlled by Western ingenuity. This is common knowledge for anyone with a decent secondary school education.
Given this most fundamental fact, it was not only shocking but embarrassing to watch the likes of the smug and socially contrived Anderson Cooper and his guest Van Jones, berate a communications strategist for the Trump Administration, Jason Miller, over the president’s comments.
The two men with a rapidity that they could barely contain, were so quick to cite numerous “facts and “figures” about everything from the percentage of Africans in America who hold graduate degrees to the number of African immigrants who have come to America to make it better that it never even occurred to them that they had stepped into a web of logical traps.  How these two excessively credentialed and world traveled men could walk into so many logical fallacies of presumption (begging the question and the fallacy of false dilemma to name a few!) that would instantly lay bare their superficial intellect to millions of viewers all around the world was beyond me. This all because emotions have been raised to such a level of importance in our hyper-aggressive politically correct culture that facts no longer even matter.   
My favorite part of the exchange was when Anderson Cooper kept prodding Mr. Miller to answer the question as to whether or not he had ever been to Africa. It was obvious that Mr. Cooper was looking for some entry-point to make it clear to Mr. Miller and the viewing audience that he had indeed traveled to the continent many times, which of course gave him the right to be so righteously indignant regarding the president’s comments.
But something tells me that despite his many travels to Africa, Anderson Cooper has never bothered to learn how to speak an indigenous African language. Something tells me that in his travels, he mostly stayed at the best hotels, ate the best Western style cuisine provided to him on demand, and traveled around in vehicles only available to the super elite in Third World countries. I seriously doubt that Mr. Cooper has ever traveled to any of the rural villages of these nations that he reports about by means of dangerous and faulty Third World busses. I doubt that he has ever been forced to use an African latrine pit, filled with maggots and the feces of previous users because there was no other option for relieving oneself; and I highly doubt that Mr. Cooper has ever dared travel to any of these nations without having the proper vaccines administered to him -- vaccines that were all developed in the West, vaccines that most probably kept him alive while he reported on “dangerous and life-threating missions” for all of the world to see.
But most importantly, I doubt that Anderson Cooper & Co. have any in-depth knowledge of the pre-colonial traditions of any of the people for whom they shed crocodile tears and how these traditions had either helped or hindered the spread of peace and less barbarity in the world.
I can pretty much assure you that Anderson Cooper knows almost nothing about Africa and the rest of Third World that hasn't been handed to him on a silver platter. His knowledge of the Third World is not original or authentic. This is because his intellectual grasp of the territories and peoples that compromise the Third World is based on the paradigm of policy fueled nation-building and not on the implicit historical talents of people themselves. Imperialists believe in policies. Americans believe in people. Mr. Cooper is nothing more than a 21stcentury Anglo- imperialist.
This is the hypocrisy that Donald Trump, our quintessentially American president, is uncovering. This is the hypocrisy that the leftist media and their black and brown dupes have no answer for. This is the hypocrisy that is ruining this nation. President Trump is forcing blacks in America to make a moral choice. They can either choose to continue to be a part of the diabolical pretense, or they can begin to have honest conversations amongst themselves about what it means to be citizens of the West and not just black people in America. They can also choose to do something much more honorable: move to the Caribbean or Africa.
What Anderson Cooper and his acolytes obviously do not understand is that the crap-hole nations that Mr. Trump allegedly spoke about, despite their efforts for independence from the Western nations that colonized them through the mid- 20th century, have never been able to achieve true independence. These nations continue to rely heavily on the diverse abilities of the West for their very sustenance.
Haiti, in fact, was the first black nation to fight and win its independence from the French in the 19th century -- a modern historical triumph unlike any in the Caribbean or Africa. But over two hundred years after its revolution, what has it achieved? Haiti is nothing but a cesspool of political corruption offering its citizens nothing but economic non-opportunities, which is why they want to come here. The problem with this -- and I believe that this is the point that the president was clearly trying to make is, why should America continue to offer refuge and economic help to people who know nothing about the rule of law? Who wants people who do nothing but bring their cultural dysfunctions and political ignorance to parts of the world that are better than theirs?
To support my classical education initiatives, I work in nursing. I cannot tell you how many Haitian and African CNA’s, LPN’s, and RN’s that I work with on a daily basis do nothing but help to create the low medical standards that inner-city nursing homes and hospitals are known for. This is a huge problem that deserves its own separate reporting. And nursing is only one small example of where low culture immigrants are virtually destroying America. My home, New York City, the place of my birth, is under attack. It is now a cultural nightmare.
Capitur urbs quae totum cepit orbem -- The city which captured the whole world is now captured.” According to tradition, these were the words that St. Jerome used to express his grief in 410 A.D. when Rome had fallen to the Goths. America of old has been captured. It’s time for those of us who want the restoration and who have the ideas, means and resources to start rebuilding.