Friday, July 20, 2018

Note to Mentors - Deception, deception, deception........

Today we see more examples of 'What we know - just ain't so' - although I hope that many of you are already familiar with our theme of 'Prove all things....'.
Back in my younger days, watching the evening news was standard procedure. I can't recall the last time I watched recently, but if I did - I would be looking to see what they are lying about now.
Isn't that both sad and outrageous?
Yet, what has actually changed? I think I have more than the media - which I now refer to as DaFakeStreamMedia!
My point? If you still believe EVERYTHING you believed 10-20-30 .....years ago - guess what? Yup , you now live in Delusionville! Remember - discovering truth in all things for us mortals is a process, not an end state! It's a constant process of sifting wheat from the chaff - winnowing, if you will. If you are new here, go to - - to get our basic fundamentals.
So, with that thought in mind, as you go through today's posts - compare and contrast the information with your present knowledge - and then proceed with careful intent to solidify what you know as true, always ready to change when the evidence becomes clear to do so.
One of the articles is on 'All Men Created Equal' - compare that with this one - and notice the difference in context. Also, be sure to search this archive for further articles on any subject you are interested in.
All of this - learning from reading, formulating our beliefs and principles and thus guiding others in their search for true living standards is what mentoring is all about.
Keep mentoring!