Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Note to Mentors - Our cross country journey is over and an observation from Crush

Ma and I finished our last cross country trip with one of our grandkids - something we promised and carried out when each of them reached 11 years of age. Some of them who shared our views and vistas are now young men, but the old bus that was new when we started is now showing its age - but still alive and running - as are Ma and I. Count our blessings, eh?
Reading today's articles - only some of which I posted here - it is becoming increasingly obvious to me that much - and perhaps most - of what we know and understand is false. The whole world seems to run on deception - Government/Religion/Politics/Culture - and the vast majority seems fine with that. 
Is that good for mankind - especially our children and grandchildren?
We need more mentors - and NOW!