Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Note to Mentors - The status quo is getting desperate as we focus on their evil deeds - by Crush

As we noted yesterday, deception has been ruling the day around the world. When those who perpetuate their evil deeds see a threat to their rule, the desperation of their attempt to hold on to power becomes more and more obvious - so they double down on the lies that used to work so well.
The articles I posted today are what I consider the most insightful - there are others you can read at Lew Rockwell's site and American Thinker.
As part of the grand scheme to control the populace around the world, it is also obvious how the ruling elite has done it - control of 'educayshon' - and you can read the methods used to break up the fundamental pillar of society - the FAMILY!
That is why we need to develop and become mentors of Western Civilization - held up on the 3 pillars of Christianity, Graeco-Roman legacy and European nations - where it developed and prospered.
Globalism is now in a death spiral and will become more and more extreme in its grip on the reins of power. Globalism relies on a continuous threat of war among nations to justify its controlling interest in ruling as an all powerful elite worldwide. That is no longer a secret! It is the new Babel!
If you're new here and want a place to start - - and get acquainted with the basics.
Good mentoring!