Saturday, November 10, 2018

The Mid-Terms Were All About Trump - TOM LUONGO

Finally the mid-terms are behind us.  There was no Blue Wave nor was there as I hoped, a Red Tide.  There was, in fact, a split decision that leaves the country in a slightly better but still deeply divided state.
It will take a little time to fully digest what happened here but one thing is very clear to me looking at these results.
This election, like all things American politics now, was all about Donald Trump.
And I say that for two reasons.
The first is at the statewide level This is the level where I think Trump’s influence is the greatest and where voters can separate him from both the GOP and the Democrats.  He was elected to Drain the Swamp and during his first two years in office he did what he could given his tools.
And where he openly campaigned for candidates, even marginal ones like Rick DeSantis here in Florida, it made all the difference (Ridiculous vote fraud in Broward still filling out ballots notwithstanding).   Where the Democrats threw tens of millions in PAC money to flip states like Florida, Texas and Georgia, they came a cropper because of Trump.
And that’s why the Republicans who accepted his help won and flipped seats in the Senate, including two big ones in Florida and Missouri.
The second reason has to do with the failure of the House to give him proper support in getting passed the major issues voters wanted:
1.     Repeal of Obamacare
2.     Improved Immigration Laws
3.     The Border Wall
These three things, as Ann Coulter and Tucker Carlson keep pointing out were failures for the House.  And so why should we be mourning losing a GOP-controlled House that refused to do the people’s work?
That is who the House is supposed to Represent, after all.
The Senate is supposed to reflect the states’ interests. At least that was the way it worked before the Revolution of 1913 and the direct election of Senators.
And the blame/credit for this poor performance in the House can be laid directly at the feet of lame-duck Speaker Paul Ryan (D-Wis).  Ryan worked tirelessly to obstruct Trump and play the ‘adult in the room’ when what he was doing was assisting his real party, The Davos Crowd, who didn’t want to see one whit of reform hit Washington.
Remember folks, even Obama wasn’t allowed to do much other than be a caretaker for the plan and it it the job of your elected officials to sell you on that plan which is ultimately erecting an unelected oligarchy and bureaucracy that resists all change.
That was Ryan’s job as leader of the GOP’s House contingent.  And in doing so, he undermined it and raised the probability of Tuesday’s results.
Voters are rightly annoyed with this and most do not understand nor care about the reality that the GOP and the DNC are two wings of the same bird of prey.  Many, unfortunately, still believe that they are on opposite sides of the fence.  They aren’t.
Trump, however, is.  He’s against the creep towards gloablism that has corrupted our government and society to its very core.  Of that we can be certain.  And, instinctively, a lot of people understand this.
So, in voting on Tuesday they voted in large measure to give Trump the power he needs to fill out a proper administration — a cabinet, ambassadors, diplomats, judges, etc. — that he was denied by a fake majority in the Senate, led by the the happily-departed John McCain (D-Ninth Circle of Hell).
But at the same time they held to the fire those Republicans in the House that stood with Ryan against Trump or refused his help to win re-election.  These are people who believed the press clippings that the Blue Wave would crest and they didn’t want to be on the outside looking in for the next two years.
And it cost them their jobs. Good.
Because what’s happening across the West is a breakdown in the confidence people have in their governments.
And what looked like a reasonable evening in which voters handed lawmakers in D.C. a mixed result is now going to be dragged out for weeks with recounts in Florida as Broward and Palm Beach County continue to manufacture votes for Andrew Gillum and Bill Nelson (D-Davos).
I should have known it wasn’t going to be this easy.
Seriously, finding boxes of unsecured ballots two days after the election is over is pure electioneering.  I wouldn’t care if Scott had lost and St. Johns County found a box of ballots. I wouldn’t consider these ballots anything other than suspect and therefore would not want real voters disenfranchised further.
And no one else should either.  But, just like the House and the Senate, the post-election fraud is also all about Trump.  No one involved in this cares one whit about what the consequences to the country or the society.
All they care about is power. That’s it.
If this turns into a spectacle in Florida, which it already has, then it will only hasten the demise of both the Democratic party who will stoop at nothing to regain power at any price and the validity of our government system.
It will lead to a crisis of faith that has already turned violent.
And it will get worse.
I remind you that politics is the worst possible way to reform a society that is failing.  It is the political process itself that corrupts everything it touches.
Politics got us into this mess, it will not get us out of it.
And that’s when things begin to get truly ugly.  It’s a shame.  The days of winning with dignity are over.
Over the weekend I asked the question, “What Price Crazy?
It seems we’re finding out what that price is.
If Scott, DeSantis and McSally in Arizona are stolen by the Democrats (and, make no mistake this will be thievery) then we are headed for a breakdown that will transcend even Donald Trump.