Sunday, November 4, 2018

Vox Popoli: The Killstream gets KIAd

Further evidence of the complete inutility of virtue-signaling. It will not save you once you have been targeted for deplatforming.

Killstream is known for both its controversial guests and similarly toxic chat. Users have been known to take advantage of YouTube’s Super Chat system to buy and pin toxic messages in the live chat, further defaming the stream’s reputation.

This prompted show host Ethan Ralph to fight back by holding a charity stream to benefit St. Jude’s, a research hospital for children with catastrophic diseases. However, YouTube’s new policy on harmful Super Chats has caused a major rift between Ralph and the platform, as well as the Wall Street Journal - which he is now accusing of taking money away from sick children.

Ralph claims that an upcoming article from the Wall Street Journal pressured YouTube into taking action against his stream, causing the company to cancel over $26,000 in donations, which St. Jude’s is now reportedly refunding.

An email taken from a journalist at the WSJ claims that the Ralph Retort livestream is featured in an upcoming piece, which will detail how the alt-right is using YouTube’s Super Chat function to spread to ‘problematic’ ideology.

Of course what the Wall Street Journal did was wrong. Of course it was ridiculous that St. Jude's refused the donation. Of course it is wrong for YouTube to deplatform Ethan.

What about any of this is even remotely a surprise? Stop virtue-signaling. Stop trying to appease those who hate you. Start utilizing independent platforms and concentrate on supporting those who are doing the same.

From Infogalactic to Castalia House, we are actively working on this. That's why Castalia House Direct exists, that's why we are considering the best way to offer an alternative to Kindle Unlimited, and that's why Voxiversity and the Darkstream are on BitChute instead of relying solely on the vagaries of YouTube's Trust and Safety Council or whatever they call their thought police. We're also working on other projects about which we have not yet said anything.

But we can't make anyone stop using Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, and YouTube. All we can do is offer an alternative.