Friday, November 23, 2018

Vox Popoli: Portrait of a non-leader (The bigger question - do we need one?)

(I have excerpted the comment by Vox – the identity of the individual involved is incidental to the topic or his comment.)

It's important to understand that these media celebrities are not, and can never be, leaders. They don't possess any of the characteristics of a good leader and their primary objectives seldom involve anything beyond personal fame and fortune. Once more we see the fate of those organizations and movements that fail to learn the most important lesson of GamerGate: no leaders.

Leaders are a point of organizational weakness, a point of structural failure. That's precisely why the media is constantly seeking to determine who is the leader and to anoint someone, anyone, no matter how improbable their claim, as the leader, because that is how they seek to destroy the organizations and movements they consider to be threats. The All-Seeing Eye of Sauron focuses like a laser on those who are climbing to the top of the various glass pyramids, and cannot be defeated, cannot even be effectively resisted, by anyone who is outspoken and in the public eye.

Think about how easy it would be to turn back an army of ants, or an army of locusts, if they were dependent upon leaders. It's so much easier to squash a single insect than turn back a rampaging horde; the only thing that saved the West from the Mongol invasions was the fortuitously-timed death of Ögedei Khan. The most counterproductive thing you can do for any anti-establishment movement in these days of the panopticon is to run to the front of the parade and declare yourself to be leading it, which, of course, is why you should always be inclined to reject the various the various narcissists, shills, and fame whores who will invariably attempt to do so.

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