Sunday, January 27, 2019

So Who Controls US Foreign Policy and Why? Don’t Ask! – CL

So Who Controls US Foreign Policy and Why? Don’t Ask! – CL

I hate to admit it, but like most Americans, for most of my life I believed that we were DaGoodGuys and everyone else were DaBadGuys. Then, about 12-15 years ago I started to read. Yeah, I know – stop reading!
Up until that time I relied on most of the sources for news that most Americans relied on.
Why, I even listened to Rush – DaConservative ElRushbo - still do on occasion!

To say that the last decade or so has been a shocking discovery of reality might be more of a surprise if it wasn’t for my gradual gains over the years in familiarity with the Bible – the insights gained are literally playing out in front of my eyes in full technicolor and gory details!

And the posts today are doing just that:

So one 13th century Russian said that God is in Truth and another 20th century (Solzhenitsyn) said that strength is in Truth. And both were facing a threat from the West when they made their statements; seven centuries later, and so little has changed… amazing, no?
Not a coincidence if you ask me.

So where do we go from here?
How about this:
Time will tell, of course, but my own belief is that both Russia and the West can only be truly saved by a return to the values of repentance and self-limitation which Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote about while still in the Soviet Union in the distant year 1973 (full text in PDF format here). The same Alexander Solzhenitsyn, already in the West a full decade later, also warned us that only a return to true spirituality and God could save the world. Again, I can only agree with him no matter how ridiculous this may sound to western (and Russian!) materialists, “cultural Christians”, or any other nous-suppressed person nowadays.