Thursday, January 17, 2019

Vox Day on DaGOP suicide

Do the House GOP leaders truly not understand that whites are the only people who vote for Republicans in large numbers? Do they seriously not understand that Republicans are NEVER, EVER going to win the La Razan, the Vibrancy, the Diversity, or the Neo-Palestinian votes, no matter how many anti-white self-flagellating theatrics they put on display?

The fact is that Rep. King is absolutely right. No civilization can be restored with another people's children. Immigration is invasion and diversity is the death of Western civilization. Without the European peoples, without Christianity, or without the Greco-Roman philosophical tradition, Western civilization cannot and will not survive.

However, Rep. King was also criminally stupid to sit down for an interview with The New York Times. What did he think was going to happen? DO NOT TALK TO THE MEDIA! How hard is that? How many times do stupidly vain men and women of the Right need to learn that they simply should not talk to the media UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES whatsoever.

It doesn't matter if you very cleverly record the interview. It doesn't matter what the nominal topic is. It doesn't matter if you are a freaking CONGRESSMAN and you release an official statement from your office to set the record straight, a statement that makes it clear you did not ever say what the media falsely claims you said.

This is precisely why I never, ever, talk to the media about anything anymore. Not even about completely apolitical subjects relating to books I have written, games I have designed, or comics I have published. Since November, I have probably turned down over 50 media and new media requests for interviews about Jordanetics alone, and about a dozen more concerning our claims and the class-action claims against Indiegogo. Stefan Molyneux had it right all along.