Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The Conservative and Christian Conundrum in America (And their history of losing)

It is no secret that most Conservatives are Christian and most Christians are Conservative. In fact, for years polls have consistently shown that more Americans identify as conservative rather than liberal – so why do both Conservatives and Christians keep losing the war of social and/or political influence?

I can personally attest to having conversations online or face to face with folks who profess their strong belief in one or both, but absolutely refuse to accept the facts of reality on the ground or even to begin to examine some of the causes. They just keep repeating the same tired old mantras which have proven to be failures – from history.

Blaming your lack of progress on the actions of your enemy is not a viable strategy!
That is what enemies do and they will continue their attacks until you are vanquished – or stopped by you and your allies! This is war!

Today’s posts examine the causes – we need to understand the reasons for our failures.
The main article by Mark Weber addresses Conservative failures and the specifics of the present attacks on White culture.

While white Americans are still trying to play the traditional political game – that is, by pretending that race doesn’t matter – millions of other Americans are playing identity politics. While white conservative Americans keep playing “softball,” insisting that “We’re all Americans,” the serious contenders are playing “hardball,” the only game that matters in the long run.

Vox Day adds his comments: "I don't want things to change faster than makes me feel uncomfortable" is neither a strategy nor an objective. And that is why conservatism has completely failed to conserve anything, from the churches to the Constitution.

Which will it be? Continue to refuse to even examine our own incompetence, a refusal to see the reality or do we take wise and calculated action?

As always, if anyone here is new, start at – – for the fundamentals. The website also covers the subject matter discussed today quite well.
We cannot survive fighting with techniques of DaLastWar. Our enemy is clever, devious and deadly – read Ephesians 6: 10-20, with particular emphasis on verse 12.

We are not alone in this war and we are not helpless – let’s act like it!