Sunday, April 28, 2019

Vox Popoli: There will be war (And when it inevitably arrives - ALWAYS blame DaProphet! - CL)

As it happens, the German ultra-nationalists are correct. As various military officers have been predicting for years, there will be war in Europe due to the mass invasion of the continent, although the eventual demise of the reunified German state is far from certain:

German ultra-nationalists believe a civil war and an eventual demise of the state will come about, and are preparing for it by training to use firearms and explosives, a local security service has warned. Germany’s domestic intelligence agency, the BfV, sounded the alarm over the rise of the underground far-right, according to Die Welt. An intelligence report seen by the paper calls for increased surveillance of so-called “preppers” – a loose network of ultra-nationalists who prepare for apocalyptic scenarios.

Those people are collecting firearms and other supplies in preparation for “a civil war” or “a feared collapse of public order” in Germany, the BfV revealed. The preppers movement, which first emerged in the US, has long been rooted in survivalism – which sees far-right militias making stockpiles of food, ammunition and medicine that they would use in the event of a doomsday scenario.

Of course, there will also be war everywhere from America to Sri Lanka as well, because war always, Always, ALWAYS follows on the heels of the mass movement of peoples. It's a little ironic that the BfV is warning about the rise of the "underground far-right" when that is nothing more than a symptom caused by the importation of millions of foreigners against the wishes of the native population.

For the present, it would be going too far to say that the refugees, as well as those who are responsible for their plight back in their homelands, are actively waging war against the West. They lack the leadership and organization required for the effective, large-scale violence that war entails. However, it must be recognized that more than a few in their midst are not averse to using violence in order to achieve their aims. They have, after all, invaded numerous countries without regard for the will of the people of those countries, and their presence is no less likely to spark resistance than the armed invasions of the past. Since war, as Clausewitz teaches, has a built-in tendency to escalate, the resistance can be expected to graduate into all-out armed conflict over time. Especially, as seems likely, if the influx continues and all the valiant efforts at integration prove futile.
- Martin van Creveld, "War and Migration", There Will Be War Vol. X