Friday, April 5, 2019

Are Christians Accountable for the Great Commission? - CL

We are not to derive our theology from the newspapers or
the evening news. Our faith and hope must be drawn from the
unfailing Word of the sovereign God, who brings all things to
pass according to His unalterable will. And when we go to God's
word, we must recognize that our purpose is not to glean juicy
tidbits of information about the future. Rather, as the great
theologian and educator R. J. Rushdoony says, we go to receive
our "marching orders": (copied from Paradise Restored by David Chilton)

Too often, the modern theologian and churchman goes to the
Bible seeking insight, not orders. Indeed, I may go to Calvin,
Luther, Augustine, and others, to scholars Christian and nonChristian,
for insights, for data, and for learned studies, but
when I go to the Bible I must go to hear God's marching orders
for my life. I cannot treat the Bible as a devotional manual designed
to give me peace of mind or a "higher plane" of living; it
is a command book which can disturb my peace with its orders,
and it tells me that I can only find peace in obeying the Almighty.
The Bible is not an inspirational book for my personal
edification, nor a book of beautiful thoughts and insights for my
pleasure. It is the word of the sovereign and Almighty God: I
must hear and obey, I must believe and be faithful, because God
requires it. I am His property, and His absolute possession.
There can be nothing better than that (Law and Society
[Vallecito, CA: Ross House, 19821, pp. 69lf.).

Dr. Joel McDurmon  explains further.

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