Saturday, December 21, 2019

Stop Blaming DaLeft – Look Deeper – It’s DaConservative Judases!

If we can’t even conserve women’s bathrooms, what can we conserve?

Tucker Carlson exposes our FAKE spokesmen that most of us rubes trust. Be sure to watch the video at the link provided – if you have never seen Tucker – he is the ONLY one at Fox News still worth watching!

I discovered the Conservative Conundrum a few years ago – Conservative voters are being fleeced by Conservative pundits. They use our ignorance and stupidity as their cash cow!

It may be time to reveal DaUglySecret – the real culprits are not DaLeft in DC – the real question is - who are their enablers? I have collected a whole library on this fact over the last 4 years - which conclusively proves that those pretend opposition agencies are nothing more than controlled opposition - funded by the same sources which fund DaLeft. This keeps us rubes focused away from them and wastes our time, energy and treasure on a road specifically designed to go nowhere! In fact, I have created a new test for Conservative sites - "Thou dost protest too much" about DaLeft! It's like a football team blaming their losses on their opponents - how stupid can we get? If I see nothing but Left blaming on a website - including comments - are we really that blind or just stupid?
A little close to home, folks?
Just saying!

Here is a whole reading list from DaLimbrawLibrary (DLL):
On Conservative Failure – multiple articles
On DaBigCon – Jack Kerwick eviscerates our ‘allies’ and our own stupidity

No more excuses – just git’er’done!