Thursday, December 26, 2019

What Christmas Means for the State - By Derek Dobalian

At the time of the birth of Jesus Christ the State, or Caesar, was all-powerful in Rome. The Caesar was not only recognized as a wise and great leader, but as a god. In fact, Augustus was referred to as the “Son of God.” There was none above Caesar and anyone who threatened or appeared to threaten his authority was swiftly and violently dealt with. When Caesar would conquer a group of people he would proclaim the “gospel,” which was the word used to tell the conquered group that there was “good news”: Caesar was King and would now rule over them.
But one day a new and greater gospel was proclaimed: that of the Lord Jesus Christ. An angel came to Mary and told her of the good news: that she would give birth to the one true King. This promise was fulfilled when Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem. What is the significance of this event for the State?
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Well, we know how the State reacted to the birth. The State, represented by Herod, attempted to kill the Baby upon hearing news of the new King. And eventually, the Roman State did kill Jesus because of the great threat He represented. The reason the State reacted in these dramatic and terrible ways is because Christ’s birth communicates a radical message: that Jesus Christ, not Caesar, is Lord and the King. The birth means that the State is only temporary and is not the highest authority. It means that people’s first allegiance must be to the one true King, Jesus, and not to the State. Jesus’ claim to be the Son of God is in direct opposition to Caesar’s same claim. And while Caesar represents force and conquest, Christ represents peace and justice. Ultimately, the birth of our Lord means that the State will not survive and will be completely destroyed when the King returns. Not one government shall stand. The moment that Baby was born and placed in a manger the State was doomed. The Ancient of Days reclaimed His Throne and the State’s days were numbered.
Derek W. Dobalian [send him mail] is a licensed attorney in Los Angeles, CA. His writing focuses on Christianity and political philosophy.
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