Thursday, December 19, 2019

Fourth Generation War – Fourth Turning – 4GW- Whadat?

Bad news – it’s BAD – really BAD!
Good news – we can see it coming - if you have a sense of history!
Bad news – those who cause it cannot see it coming – they have no sense at all!
Good news – therefore they are unprepared to deal with the breadth of its consequences.
Bad news – that causes BAD things to happen!
Good news – they will lose not only because they are evil - but incompetent!

And that is the good news!

But first, what is Fourth Generation War – Fourth Turning or 4GW?
Fourth Generation War – a LimbrawLibrary word search
Fourth Turning – ditto
4GW – ditto
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All of these are arranged by Relevance and can be flipped to By Date if you wish to do so – last first! The links add up to about a week’s worth of reading – and that is just my rough estimate.

In just the last few days, this subject has come up - The View From Olympus: Spreading Disorder and 4GW – William S. Lind – and - Vox Popoli: Not 4GW... yet

In fact, if you start from this post and scroll backward for the whole month of December, you will see confirmation of what these authors are saying – our government, society, culture, media and politics – and especially waging WAR - is ONE HUGE mission based on LIES!

Why War? - $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ - “You and him go fight – I sell you guns and bombs!”

WeDaPeople vs. DaSwamp – if you understand the basics here, you will come to see 4GW play out in front of our eyes. Even Da-Impeachment, while a political sideshow, is part of the process – human nature and politics are joined at the hip!

No, we don’t know the day or the hour – but we can clearly see the pattern from history as explained by the authors of 4GW.

Let’s also understand something – I do not expect everyone to read these – only those who have a passion for understanding and perhaps actually establishing their own mentoring circle. Intellectual curiosity is a must at DaLimbrawLibrary – a library of references – designed to be used as the need to know, understand and research comes up!

In the meantime, all the signs of DaPerfectStorm are lining up – so be prepared!

Vox Day:

The Deep State is playing an incredibly dangerous game here and has been for some time. The thing is, no matter how it turns out, they are not going to win. Messrs. Van Creveld and Lind seldom see eye to eye politically, so when they are both seeing the same danger on the horizon, it behooves one to pay very close attention.