Tuesday, December 10, 2019

When you add Ignorance + Stupidity = DaPerfect Storm! Welcome to DaDisUnited States of Insanity!

When you add Ignorance + Stupidity = DaPerfect Storm!

Welcome to Da United States of  NOT-America Insanity!

In a movie on Mark Twain, the character playing him says that God created the monkey because He was disappointed in man.

John Wayne said that “Life is hard – it’s even harder when you’re stupid!”

Last July I posted a summary on IGNORANCE – a motherlode of articles, including this by Walter Williams on Ignorance Versus Stupidity“The bottom line is that each of us is grossly ignorant about the world in which we live. Nothing’s wrong with that ignorance, but we are stupid if we believe that a politician can produce a better life than that which is obtained through peaceable, voluntary exchange with our fellow man anywhere on earth.”

What is hegemony? From Cambridge dictionary - (especially of countries) the position of being the strongest and most powerful and therefore able to control others – any guesses as to who that might be?

As Winter Comes Pipeline Wars Heat Up — Tom LUONGO “This game is a microcosm of the way the US foreign policy establishment uses Europe as the battleground in the war against Russia. And given the way the political winds are shifting, Europeans are getting very tired of it.”

You want GREEN ENERGY? Thorium - People today assume government is an intrinsic part of electricity production and distribution.  After all, who else could do something so big?  The government is needed for stability, people believe.
But here’s something people don’t see.  As a result of government control, innovation in energy production has slowed to a crawl.
As the American population grows, energy demand grows.  But infrastructure has fallen behind.  Because of climate change fears, the emphasis for new building is on “green” energy — but solar panels, wind turbines, and so on, can’t possibly keep up with demand.  But there is one green technology that can.  And it’s fully able to be implemented, right now.
Thorium Nuclear Reactors. – bet you didn’t know that. Yup, I didn’t either!

America is DaGreatest country EVER – and about to BREAK UP! What? American breakup: secession is much closer than we think | Spectator USA - F.H. Buckley

Why?  Shall we say it is Baked in DaCake?

So how did this whole mess get started? History - Why Sexual Morality May be Far More Important than You Ever Thought 

Example? - Vox Popoli: The end of Greek civilization “In our time all Greece was visited by a dearth of children and generally a decay of population………” - Polybius 140 BC

Now add immigrant invasion – especially The Immigration Act of 1965 - It is telling, is it not, that while conventional historians have virtually nothing to say on the subject, the military historians all know what is coming as a result of the mass immigration into the West.

A nation exists for the benefit of its children. Not for the benefit of strangers, foreigners, and immigrants. No wonder Europe's childless leaders don't give a damn about their nations. And if there is one core lesson of history, it is this: work your own damn fields.

And as usual – Vox Day concludes: As any honest observer would readily conclude, Unwin's predictions are being verified with a vengeance. The solution is simple: walk the narrow path. Get married. Be faithful. Have children. And then plant the acorns that will grow into the mighty oaks underneath which your great-grandchildren will play.

If this is too bewildering – start here: - read the fundamental premise – then research and study the 5000+ articles in the linked Limbraw Library – pray for wisdom – and give it time – at least a year - minimum. It took me years literally – and most of all – the grace of God – in order to comprehend the impending calamity……and THE SOLUTION!
If you think man will solve DaMess we have made without God – you are delusional!
We MADE DaFreaking Mess!

As I have repeatedly stated - this site is NOT for just casual reading, although it might start that way - it is a work site for serious men and women to plant the acorns that will grow into the mighty oaks underneath which your great-grandchildren will play.