Saturday, February 29, 2020

Russia, Democrats, and the Death of Logic - Fletch Daniels

The media's attempt, bolstered by some in the intelligence community, to spin the lie that Russia wants Donald Trump re-elected shows their utter contempt for the intelligence of Americans.
Simple logic and a cursory understanding of history, economics, and political philosophy punctuate the absurdity of their statements.
It is relatively easy to surmise the kind of leader whom Vladimir Putin or Xi Jinping would love to see leading America.
That leader would be weak, show little interest in a militarily strong America or its allies, and implement policies that would weaken America and American influence.  That leader would be skeptical of capitalism and would be advocating the dismemberment of the U.S. energy sector, since this would significantly boost Russia's economic prospects and global influence while crippling America.  That leader would propose obscene levels of government spending to bury the country under a mountain of debt.  He would be all in on open borders.  He would be groovy with unfair trade agreements and would seek to tie America's hands behind its back with ineffective international treaties and agreements.  That leader would be a committed globalist inclined to see America as the problem.  He might even own a flexible red plastic reset button.
Notably, there are candidates aplenty in the race who check the right boxes, and none of them is named Trump.  Anyone who is telling you Russia wants Trump to be re-elected is telling the big lie, one that is so absurd that only a university-educated fool would believe it.  It also demonstrates that the media and their fellow Democrat travelers are convinced that Americans really are a special kind of stupid.
They have reason to believe this since they have been prepping the battlefield with and for their lies for decades.  Considering that Democrats guzzled down Russia, Russia, Russia like the last drop of water in a desert of despair, their designated liars have some reason to believe that it will work again.
This is also why Hillary Clinton saw no problem in accusing Tulsi Gabbard and Jill Stein, along with Donald Trump, of being Russian agents.  She knows that this is absurd but thinks her fellow Americans are stupid enough to lap up her smug vomit.  In a saner world, these accusations would have marked the last time she was ever allowed to show her face in public.
Even the "revelation" that the Russians are pulling for Bernie Sanders in the primary is offered in a way that defies logic, while containing a supersized escape hatch.  The argument is that the Russians want Bernie Sanders to be nominated, not because he is a Marxist madman threatening to burn down the U.S. system, but because he would be the easiest opponent for Trump to beat since these fictitious Russians want Trump to stay in office.  This conveniently allows its proponents to offer full support to Sanders in the increasingly likely event he is the candidate.
One of my favorite minor fictional characters is Professor Digory Kirke, who was breathed onto the page by the great C.S. Lewis in The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.
Kirke, who was the boyhood hero in The Magician's Nephew, is now a wise, old, and cantankerous professor.  Whenever he interacts with the Pevensie children, he constantly chides them for not using logic.  He laments that logic is no longer taught in school and questions the value of what the children are learning.
Written in 1950, Kirke is a prophetic character who is likely representative of Lewis himself, since he was also a profoundly logical professor.
Lewis was clearly already concerned about the breakdown of logic and reasoning in schools and its effect on the next generation.  We are now almost seventy years beyond when Kirke appeared on the page.  Some of the philosophies that would later wreck academia were being birthed around that time.
We used to say people went to college to learn how to think.  Today, that has been inverted.  Students go to college to learn how to not to think for themselves.  Teaching that leads to clear and logical thinking has been replaced by concepts that are its antithesis, such as intersectionality, Marxism, deconstructionism, humanism, queer theory, and social justice theory.
One of the most important steps in preparing a society to accept the kind of contradictions George Orwell wrote about in 1984 is to short-circuit critical thinking and to prepare a pliant and aggrieved population to embrace the lies.  The ideal citizen when the corrupt "elites" are trying to transform society into a hellish Marxist landscape is the one who is ignorant and lacks an understanding of history, political science, ethics, philosophy, economics, literature, science, and mathematics, among other disciplines.
The schools and universities are dutifully doing their part.  The great books and concepts of the past have been replaced by the foolish theories of today.
It's a tragedy when kids go to college to receive an education but instead are stripped of their moral bearings, filled with nonsense, and returned to society as something less than when they entered, all for the basement bargain price of $250,000 or more.  And then the same cultural arsonists who irrevocably damaged these students demand that we cancel their debt.
The Apostle Paul, writing to Timothy, saw this age coming.  He wrote, "The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons. Such teachings come through hypocritical liars, whose consciences have been seared as with a hot iron" (1 Tim. 4:1–2).  The left is a refuge of hypocritical liars and projectionists operating under the vilest of influences.  Within their perverse worldview, it makes perfect sense for a multi-millionaire who collects houses the way some people collect sports cards to preach Marxism while demanding the end of billionaires.  It is perfectly acceptable for virulently racist columnists who note that "it's kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men" to lecture Americans from liberalism's flagship New York Times.
We don't need committees or Secret Squirrel CIA officers to study and tell Americans who foreign powers would like to see elected in America. Any thinking person can deduce exactly whom China, Russia, and Iran want to see elected, although Qassem Soleimani could not be reached for comment.  The last type of person any of them desires is an American president set on strengthening America's economy and influence.  China, in particular, is eager to see a new resident move in to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
These countries will certainly try to interfere in our election.  That's what hostile foreign powers do.  But that interference will be aimed at assisting in the election of any of the remaining stable of Democrats, any of whom would be much more compliant and supportive of their interests.  Anyone arguing otherwise is either a liar or a fool.
If Russia, or any other country, drops intelligence breadcrumbs that indicate that it is trying to help Trump, it is with the knowledge that the information will be weaponized by both the bureaucracy and the Democrats to hurt him.  It is a mistake to assume that our geopolitical adversaries aren't devious or that they are stupid.  They're not.  They are more than capable of employing reverse psychology.
Russian efforts at disruption and division attempted the last time succeeded beyond their wildest dreams, but only because the Russians had such eager allies in America.  The media-Democrat blabocracy have enjoyed their role as willing accomplices to America's enemies and will remain so for the foreseeable future, counting on the blindness and illogic they have cultivated to aid their efforts.
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