Friday, February 14, 2020

As a Society and Culture, Are We Sane or Insane? The Evidence……………

As a member of DaJury, here is the empirical evidence from just this past week:

Understanding The Boomers: The 1920s Gave Us The 1960s – No, it didn’t start with Obama

My first question is simple enough: After 18-plus years of our forever wars, where are all the questions?
Almost two decades of failing American wars across a startlingly large part of the planet and I’d like to know, for instance, who's been fired for them? Who’s been impeached? Who’s even paying attention?

The Alliance Made in Hell?  - Guess who left the cultural battlefield? 200 years ago!

Let Us Begin? What is the problem? We assume that electing someone and/or a political party changes the direction of the country, but nothing seems to change. There is a reason – culture forms our politics, not vice-versa. What is the biggest influence on culture? “Whoever controls the schools – controls the culture!” What about our government? Do you see where this is going?
What can we do about it? A lot – and that is what this website and the linked library are all about.

We are living in the Crazy Years. It falls to us to build fortresses and monasteries of sanity. It is our responsibility to preserve knowledge and truth. It is our honor to stand up for that which is rather than that which someone feels it should be. And it is our responsibility to show up for the future, in order to ensure that the insane do not inherit the Earth.